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Ive been quartered 1/10th of a mile within the qualifying distance for ResPOD, which is a round trip of nearly 8 miles a day. There is no transport laid on for my patch to take us to work.
How can I be penalised nearly 40 miles a week in diesel out of my own pocket for living where the army have decided that i should live?
i thought the qualifying distance was 3 miles. Have they changed that to save more cash as well?
according to my lovely pay clerk, its 4 miles due to you not having to pay for the first so many miles or something along those lines.

Better than my last quarter though which was a 90 mile round trip each day!!
Dont quote this as an "official answer", but my explanation to my guys in my unit regarding RESPOD qualifying distance, was that it is a rough approximation of a civillian equivalent. Most civillians don't live withing walking distance of their place of work and they have expenditure asociated with travel to work. The qualifying distance isn't really unfair when you look at it from that persepctive. On a personal note, I left the Army 6 months ago and now commute 180 miles each way to work, so the not so patient part of me is saying "shut the fcuk up moaning :)"
but is it by choice that you live where you do? if so then it is you sir who should "shut the fcuk up" :wink:

shes backtracked now :roll:
there have been a number of clerks who read what they want into what people are entitled to. I was at Wattisham in 95-97 when the pay office said we weren't entitled to respod despite living 28miles away. a new face took over and guess what, we were. respod back pay totalling a couple of grand per bloke.
It's written in black and white, 3 miles is 3 miles, not what they think it is! the other allowance It Geek may be referring to was excess fares where soldiers owned their own porperty and paid the first 8 miles of the journey. That's what i received at my other unit, cash in hand as well (what a slush fund that was). this has been replaced by rilor (recompense in lieu of rilor i think). so if your qtr'd 3+ mile away, get your respod cash.
Residence to Place of Duty (RPOD) - is payable for daily travel to work from Service accommodation over 3 miles away.

Recompense in Lieu of Relocation (RILOR) Allowance - is payable for daily travel to work from private accommodation over 9 miles each way.

from the above mentioned site. no explanations required, it's an allowance based on the above criteria.

I'd be a clerk if i wasn't so clever!

that's from the OFFICIAL site, i say OFFICIAL site Filberts clerk!! just cough up the dough :twisted:

edited for a bit of cutting and pasting and venting of spleen
The "Shut the fcuk up was intended light heartedly, so I'll put that to one side :) (and yes I do choose to live and travel, my salary justifies it :) )

My definition was not to do with any one allowance really, it was to do with both and it was a rationalisation of the reason behind the contribution people pay towards either their RESPOD or RILOR, or the nothing they get if they live to close. I agree that you have no choice about where they army put you, thats why they give you the allowance in the first place. But despite what you may or may not think, every single civillian does not have a "choice" to move closer to where they work. It is simply not always economically possible, and it is this "reality" that the MOD are using as a basis to decide what distance to use as a rule for getting the allowances. I stress once again that this is simply my rationalisation of the allowances, but it makes sense and seems fair to me. The same reasoning is applicable to RILOR and the argument made there is that YOU chsoe to live that far away, so we(MOD) wont pay for the first 8 miles in that circumstance.
As an addendum, you say the round trip is almost 8 miles? And you also say you are 1/10th of a mile below the qualifying distance. This would seem to indicate you live 3.9 miles away. If this is the case, then you are indeed being wronged as the qualifying distance is "over 3 miles" Para 04.067 of the Regualation for Army Allowances and Charges refers. I wont paste it here, but can if you like :). Where your Admin staff might be getting confused is that the rates start at 4 Miles, but what that is for is effectively 3.01 - 4 miles. So if that is the case I would go back to them. Similarly anyone who is over a certain milage should always be rounded UP to the next rate.

Edit: If your intrested the rate for 4 miles is £0.32 per day
The issue of 3 or 4 miles is that you pay for the first 3 miles, hence you have to travel 4 to receive some money. Sadly, tenths of miles do not count!! IT Geek's response is right in that broadly speaking, the Army will quarter you at your place of duty, and if you are 3 miles away, well hey, they feel they have done their job. Only if you are 4 miles away do the MOD then see it fit to give you some money. Funnily enough when I was quartered 19 miles form work, the RESPOD was good, and easily paid for the fuel, but probably not the hidden costs (tyres, oil etc). When I then travelled by train, I spent £63 for a 4 week ticket, put only got £38 back so I felt more peeved at paying the contribution because I could actually see it as a loss of money.

The three mile contribution has been dropped from ResPOD claims (April thi syear i think)

In my office we have a set mileage for each of the married quarter patches
madmackem14 said:

The three mile contribution has been dropped from ResPOD claims (April thi syear i think)

In my office we have a set mileage for each of the married quarter patches
Correct. But the qualifying milages have not changed, yet. This was introduced because of a claim against the MOD that it was unfair to charge Married Accompanied a Contribution, but NOT Married Unaccompanied or Single personnel. Also worthy of note is that this arrangement to stop Contributions is an interim measuer and there is a review underway which may jump the other way and make it equlau by charging everyone.

The following is a paste from the Defence Information Brief DIB 2005/10, para 4

"4. The cessation of the PC for married-accompanied personnel will result in an unanticipated and accordingly unprogrammed additional cost to the Department. As part of the current review of the future policy in this area, a range of options is being considered. Personnel should note that among these options is the introduction later this year of a PC for all personnel (including those who are married accompanied, married unaccompanied or single)."


Get into yer admin office, complete a AFO 9621. Get it authorised by yer OC. Hand it to the pay clerk. Ask him/her politely to ROUND UP the mileage to 4 miles as you are travelling in excess of 3.5 miles. Tell them to input the RPOD onto Unicom using the Over 125cc NOT paying contributions option, et voila then you will have a big wad of dosh to spend on Xmas Bevvy.

Get any more problems from the pay staff then PM me and I will give you chapter and verse to arm yourself with.
Are people living out and claiming ResPOD allow to have a room in the Accomodation. My unit is short on Mess accomodaiton but loads of WOs keep rooms for changing in and occasionally kippping in on messmeeting nights.

The answer to your question is quite simply NO. But you can tell your RSM that, and report back on how bloody yer nose was after informing him of your investigation into Warrant Officers receiving non-entitled privelages mate !!!

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