Respirator conversion course

In lieu of being pro-active and actually ringing Winterbourne Gunner myself, does anyone know if any conversion training is being organised for CBRNIs to train soldiers on the new GSR?

Thanks for the overwhelming response guys...

La boca del caballo dice "there are no conversion courses until later this year, it'll be about 5 days long and CBRNIs will be told when they have a place on a course, rather than having to bid".

Really? Where did you do it and who run it? I did the instructor course at WG about 2 years ago and we were told "there are no more assistant courses" and we were given a bag of CDs with powerpoints on them and told to produce our own assistants.
Merlin Centre Queen Elizabeth Barracks Strensal

I got a certificate signed by the CBRN cell at WG

Are there different rules cos I am a STAB ?
No, but that looks like something thats been accredited by your Bde area. A CBRNI is qualled to teach at WB as much as s/he is in Strensall. Ask Bde what plans are in place to fam people on the GSR in your area. I've got a feeling that reg units are going to get famming first, but you never know.

Oh, and if you get any info about it, let us know?
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