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Discussion in 'Officers' started by xinflurker, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. Reading a thread on Arrse about lawyers today has got me thinking. What jobs/professions do you most and least respect?

    I try to hard to avoid stereotyping or pre-judging people based on what they do and I make a point when I meet someone for the first time of not asking them...however, it seems to me that whenever I meet a mong they turn out to be either a lawyer, goverment worker or something in HR.
  2. You clearly don't rub shoulders with enough people in IT that's a whole bucket of wierd.
  3. I'd like to argue with you about that......but I can't.

    Went to a meeting of my companies UK north IT guys up in Aberdeen a couple of years ago and it was surreal, difficult to describe but if you've ever watched Fraggle Rock you get the idea......... 8O
  4. Ever wondered why large IT projects always go tits up?
  5. But often not as well dressed.
  6. Point taken on IT types being strange but that doesn't mean they are not respected as a general group.

    I admit that I don't come across many of them, but those IT types that I have met have at least been good at what they do. Dress badly, lack the ability to construct a coherent sentence and usually rather overpaid but in general, I find they have a bit of pride in their work and they do provide a service. On this basis, I couldn't say I dont respect them. Laugh at them maybe.
  7. Sorry mate, most of the ones I have met profess to be good at what they do but are in fact pretty crap. Look at them like your local garage. I don't understand how a car works so they rip me off. It guys **** up perfectly good networks and can spend all day telling you why they can't be blamed. Yes they are good at fixing stuff that shouldn't have gone wrong in the first place.
  8. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Usually because the IT experts have bugger all to do with planning them.

    Chancellor: Okay Terence, I want everyone in the country to be upgraded to 6-million-dollar men, imagine the boost in capital to the economy!
    Random Civil Servant: Righto sir.
    Chancellor: What will it cost and how long will it take us?
    RCS: About 6 pence and five minutes, I'd imagine. We'll do a 10-year feasibility study.

    Depending on your view of government, swap the two roles around.

    Flatmate works in HR. Though she is cool, any conversation re: her job is not, and her general acceptance of management blurb is somewhat disturbing. Also, everyone else at her work clearly needs promoting to the gulags. But most lawyers I meet tend to be pretty interesting, although this may be because they are the only ones let outside; certainly barristers are superb for banter. However City law firms have a high % of beautiful women surrounded only by short, fat workaholics, so you might be missing a trick!

    Government workers I'm with you on. Especially local council departments. F*ck them. F*ck them right in the ear.
  9. For many years I was that worst possible combination of an IT Gal working in a Law Practice.

    Most of the projects we did turned out to be total and utter kack. Why? mainly because of senior lawyers having "brilliant" half cocked ideas and expecting us to implement them then interfering at every possible opportunity so we finished up with a product which did not and could not do what it was originally designed to do.

    After years of being called out on Sunday to change the batteries in the senior partners mouse, being rung up on Christmas Day because "I got my son this game for his PC and it just does not work, can you come round?" or being told "I don't care who has that domain, I want it and don't you dare tell me I can't have it" the time came to bale out.

    Best IT comment ever made to me by a lawyer? "I should just be able to think of a case file and have it appear on screen".

    I offerred to bring him over to workshops and install a NIC in the back of his head. Shame the bstard would not let me do a bit of DIY brain surgery.

    Oooh, Oooh, just remembered a close second! Most senior guy in the practice calls me into his office for a telling off! Produced a page torn from a magazine featuring a laptop with "wireless hotspot connectivity". Pointedly asks the question "Why are we spending a fortune on ADSL so people can work from home when we could just buy them one of these each?"

    My respect for lawyers is a minus 5,000.000 on the chart.
  10. how on earth did you avoid going postal on a daily basis's hat off too you chicky i would doing time had i been in your place 8O

    edited to add a consultants in general are least respected as far as i am concerned
  11. Least respected job has to be a polician (any party)........muff said.
    Know a couple of lawyers - they come out with great stories about the judges and especially the f*&kwits in their care
  12. Civilian repair branch
  13. It has got to be Estate Agents-they talk complete and utter bollox most of the time.
  14. Oi!
  15. Least respected, obviously Estate Agents. Without opening their mouths, I hate them. The oversized windsor knot on their tie, the over gelled hair in a 'I've just got out of my pit' look, the car, the mockney accent and the fact they earn buckets for not doing much.

    Most respected, the guy who delivers my milk each morning by 0600hrs, without fail. Top bloke, bags of character. I often leave him a few extra quid for a drink.