Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by OldRedCap, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. Thought this was sad, so if you live nearby, can you spare an hour?
    My name is Christopher Homer and I am the home manager of Marmion Nursing Home which is located in Tamworth, Staffordshire.
    I am writing to ask your advice as we have just lost a resident of ours aged 89 years. He has been in our home for 21 years and has passed having no family members or next of kin.
    As a young man he served in the forces as a marine and was honoured with the veterans badge that he treasured very much and loved nothing more than listening to old time songs that took him back. As he has no family members his funeral will be attended by staff from the home only. I therefore ask if there is a way of contacting veterans in our area who may wish to pay their respects to a fellow serviceman.

    Funeral will be on April 12th at 1330 in Tamworth.

    If you can help and wish to contact me you can do so by calling 01827 67953 .

    Thank You

    Christopher Homer.
  2. Mate, not troubled. You would get a great response if you posted it into Royal Marines, The Corps forums.

    Just recently, an old fella was in the same predicament, our Navy friends put on a fine show with attendance.

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  3. Sounds like he was walting it up big time.
  4. Immature provocation.
  5. It's being emailed out on the RMA network.

    I can hear the RBL Gay Riders Club getting all exited from here.....'Yeehaaa lads, another opportunity to try an look cool'.
  6. Is that your dad's porn name?
  7. It's a hip hop band
  8. Urrgh! 55 posts in 2 yrs? That's the best you can do. Just keep it steady eh. I'll offer 9/2 that you don't reach 100 legitimate posts by chrimbo. PayPal or ukash only. Reserve the right to slash odds and refuse a bet if I smell any underhand tactics.
  9. I shall continue at my leisurely pace, thank you, so will decline your offer.
  10. For those who have read this thread thus far:

    I'm the padre doing the service this Friday and I'm tying to find more (anything) about him before the funera.

    Any assistance (please this where it might yield info'y


    Vic the Vicar!: Funeral for 'forgotten' War Veteran