Respect to Wayne Rooney

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Sep 8, 2006.

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  1. Fair do's to the lad. Missus insulted, the t'other guy deserved a smack.

    Didnt get up out of his chair? 10/10 for effort!
  2. I'd pay good money to see Wayne Rooney kick your cnut in.
  3. I would pay double to see you and Guru fist fight nekked, until you died. You prick.
  4. you must be lonely on this wonderful friday night dale?
  5. Guru would whoop no1cares arrse good 'un proper...
  6. Nope, just sat with my mates laughing at you.

    10-1 on Guru.
    2-1 on Dale.

    I would whoop your asse more than him.
  7. But wouldn't it be great if no1cares AND Guru were to whoop each other to death?
  8. Good drills Shrek.
  9. No, My money is on the Guru. If it all went pete between them, I would get MDN and Cait involved to scoop up the shite.

    And Lippy to sell popcorn.
  10. I'm up for some cop porn. The confiscated stuff they take home that should have been burned!:wink:

    Confiscated? Is that correct spelling. My teeth are falling out just trying to write it.
  11. False teeth. You are older than MDN and Stella ffs!!!!!!
  12. Thats funny. I'd pay good money to get the chance to kick your rancid cnut in.

    I'd have to wear rubber gloves to avoid getting an infection from your minging body.
  13. My my how we all lovvvvvvvvvve no1cares!