Respect to the old tour tee-shirt please...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. This week I have noticed a bit of flak from younger arrsers to the older generation, particularly critical it seemed of those wearing old tour tee-shirts for leisure or phys. Well at that time I may have tutted a bit but thought not very much more of it.

    Until earlier this evening when I went out for a slow plod around for my constitution's sake. As I passed a young lad jogging the opposite way to me, he looked at my tee-shirt and laughed muttering "I bet she was..." and carried on.

    I wasn't chuffed at all. Those of us in the Ladysmith Relief column thought long and hard about the wording on our tee-shirts, obviously wishing for humour but without being too risque; after all however relieved Lady Smith might be, her husband had been a general of the Rifles.

    As for the cheeky young git, his "Ypres 1917 - Donkeys' Select XV" was hardly state of the art...there is I know a chap in my village who trains in a faded maroon tee-shirt with "Arnhem Bridge Attendant" on the back. He may however be a Walt because he also claims to have dropped on D-Day with 6th Airborne Div.
  2. Legio xx: Builders by appointment to hadrian.
  3. Ave valeria victrix...nice sandals by the way. Are those bracae Ronaldus Collis?
  4. Who are you lot kidding?

    Your tour T shirts still fit you?

    As if.

    Modern washing machines shrink them, we know.
  5. T shirts?
    Oh I see.
    You mean TAU shirts.
  6. It's all Greek to me, I have nae idea.
  7. i am still in possession of my first tour singlet (Belfast 1976), i don't think we started wearing T shirts until about 1985 but it was a long time ago
  8. Yes.... I was going to get my old T-Shirt out........ Temple Caretaker, 2nd Hovel... "Templum Divii Filius Claudii".... Camolodunum.. Land where Boudicca once ruled.... But I thought the wording on my Legio 2 Augusta T-Shirt was bragging abit as Optio, 2 Cohors.....

    Bugger... I think I've been out in the sun to long today..... and it's late....
  9. Since when did we give a shite about the young upstarts? With their athletic and young muscular bodies doing all that "pumping irony"
    the sweat glistening along their perfectly toned six pack abdomens,their uncanny ability to pick up some female sort and pleasure her all night and take her to a place of ecstasy,several times.
    I'm not at all jealous or anything like that.
  10. You might not be jealous but you do sound extremely gay. Your choice of descriptive words has backfired and turned you into a bi-curious bottom tickler.
  11. What's a tee shirt
  12. Isn't it what Golfers wear?
  13. No, I'm sure that's a polo shirt...
  14. I think you'll find thats what Polo Players wear............
  15. In that case, it must what the well to do wear for elevenses....what,what.