Respect, an open letter to officers.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by armadillo, May 4, 2008.

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  1. Lately I have noticed that officers are being very disrespectful to junior ranks. I would like to point out, that the young men and women who work for you work hard and will respect your rank regardless.

    Lately I was shocked to see officers not responding to salutes. Completely ignoring junior soldiers. There are some officers out there that do not listen to subject matter experts regarding technical faults and issues. If a SME tells you something listen and act upon it. The army has now become a technical organisation and junior soldiers need support. Not rudeness.

    The old days of one way conversations are outmoded, out dated and prevalent to dissent in the ranks. Rank does not mean you are more intelligent.

    Confidential reports, if a soldier has worked their socks off for you it would be nice to reciprocate the favour and complete the reports on time. You could cost someone a promotion by a year. Which is completely and utterly wrong.

    JPA workflow notifications act on them immediately as you are costing the soldier money 75% of the time.

    I know the mess is an old boys club and I actually enjoy the tradtions of the British Army. But.....

    Rudeness, disrespect to a SME and failing to act upon a soldiers administration needs seem to be the norm these days.

    I thought with current operations that the army would become a tighter organisation. I have no interest in a them and us two tier system and if there was no recession I would have signed off.

    I am sick to death of rudeness in the work place. A please and thank you goes far. Responding to a salute takes moments. Listening is a communication tool. If a SME says something cannot work or be done listen to them. You can make a command decision based on listening to them and there recommendations.

    I know there will be feedback on this, that juniors are disrespectful but remember you lead by example.

    Enough said

  2. Armadillo, as an ex Reg officer (and now TA officer) I would expect any JNCO worth his/her salt to query it immediately if an officer doesn't return a salute . In the same way as i would expect any junior officer under my command to pull up any rank who walks past them and doesn't salute.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Well, if you don't feel able to grip the Officer concerned yourself, have a word with the RSM.

  4. Bob, you think a LCpl should "query" an officer for not returning a salute?
  5. You are damn right and in the regiment I served in I saw it happen. An officer lost in thought ignored a JNCos salute. Ay which point the JNCO who had been walking past him halted, did a sharp about turn and said "excuse me Sir! would you mind returning my salute". That officer was never "lost in thought" again while strolling round the battalion. And NO I wasn't that officer:)
  6. OK I have to ask and know I'll regret it but whats an SME it sounds like an STD.
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    Subject Matter Expert.
  8. Flash to bang.
  9. Yes. But having said that I would not have done it the first time I was a L/Cpl. By the time of my second time around (as a L/Cpl) I probably would. I was older and realised how disrespectful (and un-soldierly) it was. A tad like expecting a NCO to recognise the commission but disregarding the soldiers rank. It is supposed to be a two way street.

    Perhaps a word to the RSM would be better/easier.
  10. Absolutely I would query an Hofficer for not returning a salute, especially if it was an oiky one pip wonder fresh from the factory. Most young Infantry thrusters these days are just interested in getting to Bn, doing PCBC, doing two years as a Plt banana, possibly doing a stint at ITC and then going for 'them' on reaching rank of Captain (usually after being in Bn for two years). No I am not a Hofficer hater, on the whole most of them are decent blokes who do a good job, but there are a few......
  11. Thanks.

    So Private soldiers think they're SME's ....god forbid
  12. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Hmmm, I might venture that a VM Craftsman knows a tad more about power packs than an ALS officer.

    It all depends on the parameters you set! 8)
  13. If I failed to return a soldiers' salute, then I think it would be entirely appropriate for that soldier to pull me up for it, whether s/he is a sapper, JNCO or SNCO.

    It's no different to me pulling up a soldier for failing to salute.

    Obviously, there are times when saluting isn't possible (carrying stuff with both hands etc), but that goes both ways, and a modicum of common sense needs to be applied.
  14. Thank you, I think I have hit a nerve and it is nice to see an officer to respond positively. I hope that my original post did not seem disrespectful. When you are working alongside officers that do not listen nor pay attention it is hard not to grip them in front of the men.

    Thank you for taking the time to reply.

  15. Armadillo,

    First and foremost I agree with you that it is bloody rude of any officer to not return a salute - end of story.
    However, a couple of minor issues with your post. Who are all these Pte/LCpl SMEs that are not being listened to by the officers. If the soldier is so knowledgeable then why is he hanging around as a Pte/LCpl? Secondly I think you will find that the main problem with saluting these days is that a lot of junior (and some more senior) soldiers now seem to think that saluting an officer when they walk past is some kind of weakness, and therefore they spend most of their time sloping round the barracks trying to avoid an officer in case they are forced to salute them. I would suggest that in regard to you having a cob on because some officer was not looking out and missed your salute that it is this issue of soldiers avoiding salutes, rather than the other way round, which is more prevalent.
    Finally you owning up to the fact that you are only staying in because there is a recession and you can't get a job in civvy street hardly makes me think that this is some wake up call from the rank and file. You were after incoming, but with your chippy comments about the Mess being an old boys club (what has that got to do with anything?) I suspect that we would be better off if you headed off to civvy street rather than getting upset about this matter.