I'm quite interested in getting involved in some Corps activities, and a friend of mine is a member of his regimental skydiving team so I thought I'd see if there was a RE team.

I've found the website and was just wondering if the contact details are still current as the most recent update I can find on the site is January 2003.

Thanks in advance,

I did skydiving a year or two ago, & although from looking at the RESPA site the instructors have changed, it looks like its still @ Gib Barracks

I believe theres 2 expeds a year to Californ-eye-ay, & plenty of opportunity for single jumps, (mostly at some airfield near salisbury plain-forget the name.....Neverhaven?????....Best thing to do is pick up the phone & give them boys a tinkle.......

Get amongst it & enjoy!! :D

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