FrogPrince said:
Is this the same as the MoD Resource Management Driver's Licence ?

I'm working on a change management programme at another large govt dept. I have been asked to investigate how we 'raise the game' of all our Finance staff and budget holders re RAB/RM and one of the SCS pointed out to me that such a scheme exists in the MoD.

Don't wish to re-invent the wheel so any pointers or tips on how the licence works would be much appreciated.

Hi there is a scheme, it's driven mainly by the civil servant Budget staff. Each TLB has a point of contact. I'm off work for another week but will get back to you with some details when I return.

It basically consists of a series of written tests in such areas as accounting principles, investment appraisal, scrutiny, acquisition finance etc. On line trg is available through the DB learning site on the MODweb.

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