Resistance fall of man clan on the PS3

Any of you posh gits out there broke open the old slush fund or stole your wifes bank card and got yourself a PS3? And have you got the game Resistance and play online? Sick of getting thrashed by spotty 13 year olds from Kent? Ha the answer is here I have a online clan and frequently give these spotty oiks a sound thrashing. Along with a few of the British Armys finest, our RFOM death squad mocks those young upstarts. Dont just be another statistic....the fight needs YOU!!! Become a stormtrooper of THE INCREMENT. Just send a buddy invite to bigbaz666 when in the game lobby and i will send you a clan invite. SHHHH...dont tell our lass I spent our disturbance on my new sony gamebox...they'll be hell on....cheers
My favourite game at the moment and was playing it earlier.
If only i thought i was good enough to join your clan but in reality i would probably get thrashed by a spotty 10year old from Kent.

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