Resistance Bands

I've tried searching the forum and can't find anything on this topic, apologies if it's been covered before.

I was just wondering what the general opinion was on the use of Resistance Bands/tubes in strength training. They seem to be a cheaper and more compact option to gym membership or free weights, both advantages seeing as I'm broke and living in a tiny flat, has anyone used them and are they any good?
They are cheap for a reason!
rather than using resistance bands you would be better off spending your money on a good home work out book that will give you good information on technique and how to improvise with things around your house.
The mens health home workout bible is a good start. you can get one 2nd hand from ebay or amazon for around a fiver.

All you need is a pull up bar and you can have a good workout at home that will work every muscle. Then you can start lifting bags of bottled water, jerry cans filled with sand, chairs, steps, walls, etc...
Personally, I'm not keen on resistance bands. But then I've never liked Pernod or accordions.
we use resistance bands in rehab all the time for the very reasons you state, they are cheap/compact and versatile.

Bands are better than tubes in my opinion but its a personal thing.


you have to register but its free (so they can send you loads of spam trying to flog you stuff) but the content is excellent, you can even build a personalised program

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