Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SHADOWSNEEK, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. Greetings all,

    Probably been done before but I did do a search and couldnt find an exact answer, but how does one go about resigning from the TA, is it a case of a simple phone call (if so, to whom?) or do you have to give written notice?

    Have been in about 9 months but work commitments mean I won't be able to contribute in an appropriate manner for the long-term future, so I feel its a best decision to hand in my notice and save other peoples time, money and effort. May re-apply in a few years time if things work out well, but who knows??

    Thanks for help in advance.
  2. 1) Take one Black Bin Bag.

    2) Take a dump in Bin Bag.

    3) Add Kit.

    4) Mix well.

    5) Throw Kit over TAC wall.

    6) Walk Away Laughing.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Its remarkably simple;

    1 Phone PSAO tell him you want to leave

    2 Agree date to return kit

    3 Hand in kit, ID card etc sign docs as necessary

    4 Walk out whistling.

    All above easy unless you've been warned for Mobilisation in which case seek advice from PSAO but don't expect an easy ride.
  4. Turn up to TAC. Speak to Balloon commander explaining your situation. Get advice from said subby. If you would prefer to stay in but can't see a way to do so your unit will probably try to help you.

    If you just want to jack it, take your kit in about half an hour after parade starts and see SPSI.
  5. Tell everyone in the unit that you're ex-SAS and that you can beat up a cowboy.

    ND on the next range day. Into the OC.

    Turn up on parade night in the nude. For a month.

    Sell your weapon for drugs.

    Set fire to yourself on parade.

    The possibilities are endless.
  6. when you have got the best solution then post it and tell what the reaction was so i can tell a few people in our place how to go about it in style as they need a pust in the correct direction.
    Smelly people, War dodgers, fat good for nothings, the oldnwide, TC'S, (NOT IN ANY ORDER)
    Gwars can stay for now.
  7. nah mate there is a gwar i was on a course with the other week a pti / gti / cdti (diesel - all torque) what a cock! he kept teasing me coz i'd been in shq for years i no my stuff, then gave me grief coz my job involves pyramid selling, big bully! one of the lads from his unit fekkin will smelled like death warmed up after he left you could still smell him a week later!

    paper soldiers an tc's should all be shot thats a good way to get out.

    old wide bloke should but thrown to the dogs he shound like he had a pipe n slippers tour he was in burger king every day by the looks of him!
  8. :D :D

    I wouldn't spend hours on thinking what is the best way to leave, the truth is they don't care anyway.

    As is it now a new year, financially they will use your MTD's to get some
    Pte to come in and sweep the garages etc, cos he lost his job you know and is a bloody good guy/soldier etc.

    Just turn up, see the PSAO, pay off any debts you owe, hand your kit it and get on with your life.

    Enjoy the fact of what you did when you were in, but do not think for one minute they are sorry to see you go. They aint
  9. I spoke to the chief clerk ,was told ,had to sign this ,wait 4 weeks,(in case i had a change of mind (AYE RIGHT),then have a chat with the psao,(fuckin **** never had any time ,for us when we wanted something)then hand in time 5 weeks.

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  10. fcuk it i was thinking of changing my name any way cmon grasshoppers you heard what pinokio said lets start being sensible
    by the way dropping a curler on the ocs desk will accelerate your exit from said unit :arrow: :arrow:
  11. easy......

    log on to JPA, and click on the Resign button.

    when the "are you sure?" pop-up box appears click on OK.

    job done :)
  12. What is with the death's head?