Resigning from International Football

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Father_Famine, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. I realise these overpaid jumped up wankers are spoilt, but, to have the arrogance to say, I am resigning from international Football after being picked to represent the country to me seems wrong.

    Maybe I am making a mountain out of a molehill, but, it seems like the ultimate in arrogance to state that I am not going to play for my country any more, when as far as I know they have been selected as one of the best English Footballers (A bit of an oxymoron that I know)

    I appreciate that a lot of Premiership managers will not want their prize twats to get injured.

    Maybe they should delect players from the lower divisions.

    ...........and breathe out........... Rant over
  2. I agree. Bunch of arrogant, jumped up, self important twats.

    I would just like to inform the managers of all the Welsh international teams - be it rugby, football, swimming etc (and including the "England" cricket team - i.e. "England and Wales Cricket Board Team) right down to tiddlywinks - that even though I am now 49 and have never represented my country at anything, I have not retired from any sport and am available for selection.

    This post is not intended in any way to suggest that tiddlywinks is any less an international sport than the rest, by the way.
  3. I know, and Robinson said "He didn't want to be known as a 3rd or 4th choice". C*ck.
  4. Probably something to do with the jealous vitriol thrown in their direction when their best doesn’t meet all the hype that the English press have constantly thrown in their direction.
    It’s far easier to be loved by your club fans than hated by your countries fans

    Just as point of interest. Can anyone honestly say that if they were paid grossly overinflated sums of money because they happened to be good (relatively speaking) at something would they turn it down

  5. Know where you're coming from mate, been on LOA since 98. I've not turned it down, or f*cked off in a huff (;-)
  6. Ahhhhhhhhhh LOA a whole new outrage thread :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  7. My fave was Chris Sutton who retired when he was absolutely nowhere near the England squad. What a cock.

    & on that note I announce my retirement from both the England & Britis Lions squads. I'd like to concentrate on playing for Andover....
  8. Andover would like that too but it is something they have previously felt was beyond their wildest dreams!
  9. Capello should just lay it on the line.............give 120% to your national team or I'll find someone who will.....those that excel on the world cup and international stage will get the best transfer offers from the foreign clubs and those that just want the money (not the glory or true respect that comes with self-less effort) can rot in their own pig trough of a soon to go bankrupt Premier League team. It is an honour not a chore or a favour to play for your nation: it should be hard won and then it will be afforded the respect that Rooney and others say they are not given at the moment. End of Message.
  10. I thought the money they got for playing for their country went to charity?

    And as we all know, respect should be earned.
  11. The only charity England's footballers seem to show is to their oppositions attack.

    To be honest it is a pretty feeble attitude they show. They are not committed - you can tell by the way they play. Bunch of overpaid, underskilled knobbers. some of them "control" the ball further than I can kick it FFS!
  12. 22 millionaire potential rapists chasing a bag of wind.
  13. Resigning from International Rugby

    Martin Johnson

    Josh Lewsey

    Jason Robinson (Twice)

    It would appear it’s not just footballers ^_~
  14. Having won something worthwhile, each one of them.
  15. Still resigned, still didn’t walk over broken glass to continue playing and still didn’t show the appetite for their country.

    You could say they gave up once they had gratified in their own personal glory

    Or Jumped before they were pushed :-D