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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by welshb1rd, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. HI, I passed selection a few weeks ago and start basic in Pirbright on the 14th of Jan, when i spoke to my ACIO they said i would get a copy of my contract etc in the post, he made it sound like i would get it the following week, but I still havent received anything, does anyone know how long this kinda stuff usually takes? The problem I have is that i have to give a months notice to my employer and although they know I am going I havent put it writing yet as I am waiting for a copy of my contract, but if I'm not going to get it until a few weeks before I start basic then I may as well hand my notice in now and give them plenty of notice. Any ideas? :D Thanks
  2. As far as I know, as soon as you pass selection and are given your actual start date, that's you in. So let your employer know when you are due to be leaving. You should receive joining instructions sometime, although I think I went and picked all the documentation like that up from the careers office.
  3. Some offices do it differently, I always used to get my applicants in about six weeks before hand to go through a complete documentation check and confirm all the details were right on the computer. I would then give them the copy of their contract to keep (you sign the real contract on the day of your attestation) and also parental consent if under 18. You should also get a copy of your joining instructions for your relevant joining ATR and date of course plus rail warrant if needed. If joining in January are you going to AFC?

    I would speak to your Recruiter and clarify the date your gettng Attested and ask if they have the joining instructions yet so you can start prepping your kit. If you have been given the 14th Jan as your start date it wil be set in stone, just confirm things with your recruiter though. Good luck
  4. Cheers,I was told at the same time they told me my start date that I would have to go in on the 9th of Jan to do attestation. No not going to AFC, I'm 31 so a bit too old, off to Pirbright. Maybe I am worrying too much, just dont want to hand my notice in and then something to go wrong!
  5. im going in 3rd december... i finihsed work last week to give me just under a month to get things done etc but i still have not signed my contract etc i wont be doing that intill 23rd november .. so my advice is to hand your notice in..
  6. If you hand your notice in now and put an 'effective from' date on it, to coincide with your ATR date, there's F.A they can do about it ;)

    And you might even get lucky and be put on garden leave
  7. Thanks everyone! I will put my notice in tomorrow and also give the recruiting office a call to see if they have my joining instructions yet so I can start prepping! :)
  8. I'd give different advice - never give 'extra' formal notice - by all means let your employer know the date you will probably be leaving, but don't put it in writing until you have to.

    The reason I say this is that there is no advantage to you in giving additional notice, and if circumstances change you may not be able to rescind it. You may say circumstances won't change, but the unforeseen can happen - someone was posting last week in these forums about how he was just about to start training and then got appendicitis - he now can't join for a year!

    Only give notice when you have to!
  9. Totally agree with that and a lot of my applicants told me they only needed to give a weeks notice to leave a civvy job prior to enlistment. Some discrete investigation first I feel as said things can happen to stop you going in outside the normal selectin process.
    Good luck
  10. Good point there! Have to give a months notice, have already told them what date i am plannig on leaving so think I will wait until the latest posible time before handing my formal notice in.
  11. Well I'm no where near this point yet, I'm just starting to get into my physical training and improve my fitness.

    But personally I don't want to mention anything to my colleagues and employer untill the day I hand my notice in (one month prior to the date I want to leave here) Is that bad?

    I don't think it is bad, and although I'm determined to get into the Army I don't want to be in the position where I don't get in and I have to explain to every one why. I may be overly concerned.
  12. Doing basic at 31! Rather you than me.

    Good luck (I think you're gonna neeeed it :twisted: )
  13. They're a bunch of civvies! **** 'em ;)
  14. Good advice. If you give your notice in before your contract states you need to then your employer can effectively ask you to leave earlier than you want to.

    ie: if your contract states 1 months notice and you give 2 months notice, your employer can make you leave after just 1 month (as per your contract). Don't get caught out.

    If your date is in mid Jan, then don't give notice til mid Dec.
  15. I phoned my recruiter today to confirm my start date etc, he said I should get the written confirmation in the post over the next few days (I suspect that my phonecall had reminded him to do it). Will give my notice in a few weeks so its only a months notice i'm giving. Thanks everyone for your good advice!