Resigning Commissions to be a Trooper again

Hi, some "blue sky" thinking here.

If you resign a (confirmed) Cat A commission to, say, attempt the Special OP PSC, under what circumstances can you take it up again?
You don't need to resign your commision whilst you are undergoing the training for Special OP PSC. That may need to be reviewed once you have passed depending if the unit you are joining has vacancies for officers. You will be treated the same as the other guys on the course and they expect a higher standard from you because you are an officer, but as far as I know you don't have to resign. Your current unit should transfer you over to them whilst you undergo training - if you fail you get transfered back into your original post.
Saps, if you resign your Commission you resign your Commission I'm afraid. There are no circumstances under which you can take it up again.

I agree with fat_lad in that a higher standard will be expected of you as an Officer but I think you have already crossed the Rubicon as far as rank is concerned.
Apologies if I´ve got the wrong end of the stick but Special Op PSC means Patrol Selection for the HAC? If so then I´ll be in a similar position. I´m looking to join the HAC when I´ve settled into my first civvy job, mid-2006.

The Army has invested 15months at RMAS (yes I was character deficient and carried logs), 3 months at Warminster etc etc in me and I´ve done operational tours in SAMA and Iraq, and have training and IO experience. Given the current shortage (or so I believe) of TA Officers I´d hope that MCM could forgive me some time with the HAC!

If I joined and later moved out of London, surely I would still have the skills and character to deserve a commission? After all, my RARO committment means that I could still volunteer/ be called up as an officer anyway.

I don´t see it as "Crossing The Rubicon".
My point is that even if I resigned my commission, i.e. joined the HAC as a Trooper, I can´t resign my RARO Commitment. As I understand it (and I would be happy to be corrected) the Army (admittedly in dire straits) could compulsorily mobilise me in my previous rank.

My main point, though, as that despite my stint as a Trooper I would still have the qualities and experience to be an officer. After all - the alternative (TCB, TACC etc) would be a duplication of time, effort and money.
Fat've not got it quite right.

Simply put, Sapukay and Charlie Kong, if you are thinking of joining have a very good think about WHY you are joining. Do you want to be in and work with the patrols ? In which case I would *very* heavily recommend resigning your commission and then joining as a trooper.

Do you want to do lots of bone admin and spend your time worrying about G1 stuff ? Or do you want to be in HQ, Sigs or are you a doctor ? In which case join as an officer.

The HAC is very odd in that because of its modus operandi there are very few slots in which a junior officer can do a "junior officer type" job - eg troop cdrs, since we just don't do things in groups that big. In terms of having bunches of people to "command" I suspect you'd even be better off joining "Them". Regular experience is of course always useful...but this is (unless you have spent time in 4/73 (who don't even have officers in the patrols), 148 or PF) a very different way of doing business and much of your valuable experience as a junior officer in the Regulars won't be directly applicable to comd appointments in the patrols. What is applicable will come through anyway, whether you have rank or not.

Regaining one's commission, once you have proved yourself in the patrols (and that is not a question of how "good" a soldier or officer you are, but whether you like the job and the job likes you (I can think of at least one individual who may well have been an outstanding regular officer but was a complete dork in the patrols) is relatively easy. I speak from experience.
Not at all worried about resigning my commission to join the HAC ... just about actions on
a) regretting it soon after or
b) leaving London and wanting to join a normal unit. After all it would be pretty jack to join the TA Inf and say "I know I've got courses and the experience but actually I'd rather turn up as a Jock".

Thanks Incognito and Sandy_Boots
Why HAC only?

There are other Inf units in London with some quite tasty jobs being done...

Not sure on where you get your info from, but even if they did want to be in Sigs/HQ they still couldnt transfer in with a commission.

If they are a MO, then they would be attached with the RAMC cap badge, not the HAC one. The only HAC capbadged Doc's are home grown.

Any way, to answer the original questions, once you have been commissioned it is easy to get it back after you resign it.

There have been numerous cases where people who were reg officers or TA officers coming to us, doing a bit and then moving on and getting it back when they transfer out.
One of my friends used to be in the HAC. He left about 5 + years ago so I don't know how things work now but he said at the time nobody could go straight into the HAC as an officer. Everybody joins as a trooper and if you are good enough you go off and do your TCB etc.
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