Resigning a Reg C and required period of notice to be given.

I'm now approaching the point of having had my fill and am seriously considering getting off this merry-go-round. I've pushed out about 8 yrs in the Cbt Arms, had a good run of Op tours, good jobs etc etc but for a number of reasons, I'm becoming a little cheesed off.

How much notice do I have to give on a Reg C? Is it 7 months? Is there much/ any flexibility in this? If I sulk/ have another job lined up, will they let me go early??? I know this all sounds rather disloyal but i'm just not feeling the love right now.

If anyone has any knowledge, better still, experience, I'd be very grateful for a quick heads up.



I've just done it and you have to give seven months notice! Do not know what resettlement/ terminal leave you are entitled to but thanks to loads of annual leave, POTL, resttlement time and terminal leave I am out of uniform on 14 Dec but paid until 20 Jun 08 - and that is with eight or so months notice. Which is nice!

They are pretty stuck for warm bodies at the moment so your desk officer will probably insist on seven months notice. My understanding though is if you have a written job offer the Army may consider releasing you earlier - but it is their choice.

Over to you!
They can actually insist on 12 months but usually accept you going after 7. You need to get your papers in and it then goes to the Army Retirals Board but as long as you have the support of your MCM Div they will not quibble.
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Wildstabinthedark - You need to give 7 months notice. That is the form.

A few pieces of advice if I may:

Stick it out to your 9 year point in which you are entitled to a bit of a £13k resettlement bonus grant thingamyjig. Ask your RAO or on RHQ Forum - I am not sure of all the details. You can tell that I missed out on this and cursed my stupidity.

Use your Early Learning Credits to do the course that are relevant to jobs that you are interested in doing after your transfer to 1 (UK) Civ Div.

Make sure that you have checked that your leave netitlement from last year has carried over what you can and use it in addition to your resettlement time.

It is never too early to speak with the IERO. Get forming up your CV - even if you aren't leaving try putting your CV out to the market and get some practise in.

A useful formula that a few of my mates have agreed to be true: 100 applications, 10 interviews, 1 job. Get looking.

Be prepared to live where the jobs are not in the place that you want to live (i.e that nice cottage in Cornwall by your favourite surfing beach ain't good for a decent job that pays well).

Good Luck - PM me if you want anymore help.
They can insist upon 12 months, but a portion of that is resettlement entitlement, courses etc and use up any leave owed, so you may be able to leave earlier.

If you are in a vital role though they may not release you from your commitment earlier as I believe that the last 3 months have to spent in home station to allow resettlement (ie not on Ops), but they wont necessarily allow you to get paid by the Army and someone else.

I knew a guy who got let out after 7 months, the whole thing done and dusted because that way they could get a replacement in quicker ready for the next Op tour.

Mysterons advice about resettlement allowances and entitlements is gleaming - sometimes the extra few months is well worth the wait in terms of cash in hand/cash for courses, leave entitlement and not to mention the extra bit on your pension at retirement.

The fact you are PVRing from a RegC may have some effect on your pension though, so that is worth checking - extra time in for an extra £500 per year at 65 or get out ASAP...
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