Resigning a commission

Discussion in 'ACF' started by illbeamonkeysoon, May 10, 2006.

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  1. Hi everyone.

    As the last couple of topics have been about becoming a rupert I thought now would be a good time to enquire how you would go about resigning a TA (B) Commission? Is it just a simple question of writing a letter and if so should it be addressed to the Commandant or someone else? Or are there other formalities I will have to go through?

    I would normally contact my AO but he is unobtainable at the minute for personal reasons.

    Any info would be appreciated.

  2. You becoming disillusioned with the cause mate?
  3. Bet you he wanst to become a regular mp lololol
  4. There is only one honourable way out, and thats curtesy of the Mess Webley. :wink:
  5. Just pen a letter to the Commandant. He will action it. You are meant to give 1 month notice, but they'll not hold you to it (they can't really).

    If you decide to come back in years to come it is easy enough to 'reignite' your commission and seniority.
  6. Is there not a form of some description to be filled in?

  7. Even as a 2Lt???
  8. Yes, a 2Lt can be rekindled too. I don't know the score with regard to the probationary period - whether you have to complete your two years in aggregate or whether you'd restart your two years. To resign you just need to pen a letter like I said - any documentation is completed at County level and doesn't require any action on the resignee's part.
  9. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I would look at advise regarding resigning your commission against merely resigning from your current ACF county. the two are, potentially, slightly different but I may be wrong.
  10. In effect they are the same thing. If you want to resign from your County and retain your commission then you don't resign - you ask for a leave of absence until you find somewhere else to go.
  11. Just go on leave, it makes it a lot easier. If you ever want to come back then there isnt a problem.
  12. I am resigning my commission, not just leaving my ACF county. AO's gone AWOL so no help there and the CEO is a bit of a newby and doesn't seem to have a scooby doo.

    Rab I can't have two army numbers mate, silly Rab :)
  13. "I am resigning my commission, not just leaving my ACF county. AO's gone AWOL so no help there and the CEO is a bit of a newby and doesn't seem to have a scooby doo."

    I'll be sure to let Andy know that you think so highly of him, i'm sure he'll be really onside next time you want all those extra PTDs for Lycra Stretching !
  14. what a very odd post??????????? check your private messages
  15. [align=justify]Wish my O.C would resign his commision, we have had two people, say they are going to quit, two SI and one SSI who has quit, and he seems not to be bothered, the SSI a good mate of mine (ex reg, ex TA, bags of experience, knowledge etc) was not even asked what could be done to try to retain him! He pointed out a few errors in training recently, and lots previously, and the response was "oh well" so he thought f@~k this, and said enoughs, enough I`m off. [/align]