Resigning a Commission to go HAC

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by clivecandy, Dec 28, 2006.

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  1. I have become increasingly frustrated with commissioned service in the TA, which seems to have become about pen-pushing and very little to do with command. Although I appreciate the importance of the role of the TA officer as facilitator, last year I only spent a couple of days on exercise, the rest of the time seems to be spent on interminable courses to be qualified for a role one will in all likelihood never be called upon to fulfil. Even my OC is now saying subbies should concentrate on training as watchkeepers. Serve to Lead?

    Anyhow. Next year my job is in all likelihood going to take me to London, and I am seriously considering resigning my commission and joining the HAC. My current mood sees this in a rose-tinted way of getting to go out and do some soldiering, with a group of switched on and motivated people. I am very proud of my commission, but at the moment I don't see how I take any enjoyment from it, or indeed a great deal of professional satisfaction. I do not see Why I should carry on just for the sake of it, when the TA has become a habit rather than something I enjoy.

    Would I be deeply disappointed if I took this route?
  2. If you want to get out and do some soldiering with a group of switched on and motivated people, the HAC would be a very good way to do it.

    Then again, so would any TA infantry unit, and you could keep your comission.
  3. Why not try 21
  4. I had that problem, ended up swaping units its amazing what a difference a motivated PASO who wants to help and a OC who gives clear direction can do.

    Try another unit would be my suggestion, if needs be i am sure i can recomend some good signal units where the OC gives his direction then tells you to get on and organise it and its the PSI's job to impliment what you produce(within reason),

    Why cant all units be like that
  5. Without wishing to go too deep into specifics, I feel the role that my unit has is simply not one which transfers well to the TA officer role.

    My comment about my OC was not a criticism of them, but a recognition of the fact that the chain of command recognise that the officer role in our sub unit is, to be frank, a little bone. I did not join just to be a facilitator. Moreover I do not simply wish to feel I am in an IR factory, where ORBAT means nothing. Even if my troop's ORBAT was complete I would never get to command it on exercise, let alone have that role on operations.

    However, I am committed to my regiment, and would feel odd about transferring my commission elsewhere.
  6. Ah howay man, how long have you been in?
  7. Commissioned a few years, so it is not too late to change my mind now, it will be soon though.
  8. Why?

    True loyalty takes time to develop and is in any case a two-way thing. If your reg/corps isn't doing it for you then transfer...
  9. It seems to me that you are being fcked about a bit too much even for a junior officer. As well as being a producer of leadership and loyalty, you are also entitled to benefit from some.

    Those above you in the chain of command have a responsibility towards you. They should be allowing you to develop by ensuring that you have the chance to nurture and train your troop. They should be providing you with leadership and motivation, rather than buying the trite and insufficient line that your subunit is only there to produce IRs and officers do no more than facilitate. Even if both statements are true, that is not how your subunit should be training.

    I assume that you have already tried to self-motivate but that has failed or your patience has run out. Try another subunit within your regiment, if you can: the problem may be a lame or scatty OC. Then perhaps give being an officer in another unit a go: one with a combat role, where (in theory anyway) the mantras about team-building and leadership are better adhered to, would be a good choice.

    There are plenty of good units out there who need motivated officers to do the proper officering job. You have worked hard to get your commission: presumably, Her Maj meant it when she made you one of her officers. Don't jack it in without giving other options a go, or you'll make her sad.

    That's the only way to find out whether the problem really is due to absence of leadership and/or endless reorbatting and/or lack of operational role. Only when you fix all of these things but still feel that it's all dull can you safely say that it is the officer role that is the problem.

    Being a Tom is more fun (in general) and the HAC are a good bunch of lads. But people have clearly seen potential in you. Maybe aptitude is the better word: your proper place, where you can deliver most for your mates/country, might really be as a decent, hard-working officer in a unit that inspires you.
  10. msr

    msr LE


    This is one of the best posts I have read on here in a long time - it's exactly the solution which has put the fun back in my TA career.

  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    I thought I might as well join in with my 2 penneth. There are others on here who have more knowledge about the HAC than I do, so seek their advice on that issue.

    In London there are also two infantry units (4 Para and the London Regiment), who are very keen to recruit more junior officers. I can only speak for 4 Para, but a Pl Comd has a platoon to command, as his role is working and training with his platoon. The OC, 2IC CSM etc are the ones who do most of the "facilitating" work. When our pl comds deploy on ops, they deploy as pl comds, commanding the soldiers they have trained.

    Junior officer role, training focussed, loads of exercises, real operational role...

    I am obviously biased, but it sounds like it might be worth investigating! PM me if you have any questions.

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  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Can you please just fcuk off? This is a reasonable thread arising from a sensible question in the correct forum. Go and Mlllarrr in the NAAFI.
  14. Oh dear! The trolls are up and about early!!!

    Clivecandy, I would listen to The Duke and crazyfool.

    It is no easy thing getting a commission, and now you have it you should look around at keeping it. If the Para's are not for you then there are other Regt's in London.

    Of course the HAC would welcome you to try but unless you know what you want and are very confident about doing thier role then it may be a little hasty to resign your commission.

    The HAC run two Assessment Weekends each year, and the next will be the last weekend in March. You would be best to hold fire until then, go on it and then think about your decision. You could possibly before then also go to various units around where you will be moving to and looking at them, I know that 4 Para also do a 'look at life' weekend, which could help in your desicion.

    For more information please PM me or contact the Regt Recruiting Officer at

    Finsbury Barracks
    City Road
    EC1Y 2BQ
  15. Not entirely accurate.

    F and G companies The London Regiment will be joining 7 Rifles upon its formation. They currently work to the RRV.

    Bizarre, I know.