Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Domini, Jun 2, 2005.

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  1. my partner has been in the army for 4 years, he was awol for 10 months of that and served his time in colchester. since leavng the prison he has made it very clear that he wants to leave the army, however no one seems to be listening him. he has recently been given a compassionate posting so that he can live at home with me and his daughter, however he unit he's been sent to is a known travelling unit and he's away from home more often than he was when he was germany. he's really hating it and badly wants to get out. someone recently told him that under european law he could write a letter of resignation and be out without within two months. does anyne no if this is a possibilty for him??
  2. Have you thought that he might be 'telling you' he wants out but no one will listen when what he really means is he does not want to wake up next to you in the mornings or have any baggage?
  3. I can't see anything going to the EU being actioned within two months. Can he not PVR?
  4. I have never heard of anyone, service or civilian, being allowed to vary a lawful contract they have agreed to as a result of any EU law. Your partner's RAO or UWO will be able to provide details of the regulations on leaving the Army.

    Being AWOL for 10 months is unlikely to have assisted your partner's case. It seems that despite this the Army has done what it can with a compassionate posting, and you and he are still not satisfied. Are you certain 'no-one is listening', or is it just that they're not telling him what he wants to hear?
  5. Out of interest does anyone know of a time when a soldier has employed a decent employment law solicitor / barrister to challenge the army contract before a Tribunal court?

    I don't mean cases of unfair dismissal etc, just whether or not anyone has been made a point of law and whether there has been a test case.
  6. Ignore this lot mate, they're just taking the p*ss. You can resign from the Army under EU law. If I were him though, I wouldn't trust the clerks with the letter, they'll just bin it. If you read the AGC forum, you'll see what real soldiers think about clerks. Your old fella should ask for a COs interview and hand his letter to the CO personally. He should be out in a month. It is a requirement that he has to work 30 days notice. This is covered by his contract.

    There'll no doubt be several posts to follow which will disagree with me, but ignore them. There are too many people on this site who just take the p*ss. Your old fella must insist on a COs interview however, do not settle for OCs interview.

    Best of luck for civvy street!!

  7. Nice post Biscuits, just a question though, can the CO refuse the letter of resignation?
  8. The answer is Yes: it depends on the "length of contract" if this 'person' signed on for 6/9/12 years he/it needs to do the minimum time " 1 eye " was in it was 2/3rds of sentance sorry time before PVR was allowed. My C was for 3 years and I did "£$% so £200 was enough.

  9. I know I am a year late for this post, but I have to say, Biscuits, everything you said, was PUMP!

    Anyone reading this thread, dont be taken in by that drivel!

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    I will eat my hat if someone shows me a guy that got out on 30 days notice!!
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