Resignation of the Corps RSM

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Zorro, Apr 27, 2004.

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  1. So the Corps RSM has resigned! Does he know something we don't!!! :D

    I have heard that his replacement is straight of the WO1 board? surely it should be a second tour post?

  2. Not a subject worth going into but I will say this,

    The RSM of 11 Sig Regt is now the Corp RSM as well. To be honest it makes sense anyway.

    The new 11 Sig Regt (and Corp) RSM takes over this week.
  3. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Old-Salt Moderator

    What does the Corps RSM do, and why do we need one?

    Is there any truth in the rumour that went round when Brig McDowell became SOinC(A) that he wanted to scrap the Corps RSM post, and replace it with an ADC?
  4. Sorry to dissapoint you DM! (I feel like Penfold!) The SOinC(A) isn't entitled to an ADC -only 3* and up get them (CinC LAND, AG, DCOMOPS etc).

    Corps RSMs' (regardless of nomenclature) perform many useful and understated roles within the Directorate - in this case HQ SOinC(A). They are the 'voice of the soldiers' within the organisation, and sit on varied committees. They also drive the recruiting effort forward.

    It's something of a poison chalice - most people don't see the point of it - and respect for the appointment suffers.

    Odd that the RSignals have gone down the route of amalgamating 2 RSM posts into one - conflict of interest? (and a very, very busy lifestyle!!!)
  5. And the loss of another WO1 (RSM) post from the RD roster :!:
  6. And the loss of another WO1 (RSM) post from the RD roster :!:
  7. Please excuse my ignorance but what is an ADC ?
  8. ADC=Aide De Camp.

    A junior officer (usually a junior Captain) who acts as his boss' tea boy; runs his diary; organises appointments; hold things etc.

    Can be extremely advantageous to that young Captain's career - but attracts some very odd fish indeed!

    All my chums who've done have thoroughly enjoyed it - for a while! :D
  9. An Aid De Camp. They generally run the life of the senior officer.
  10. I see, many thanks
  11. The RA have an RASM, who is a Second Tour RSM and who has also been selected for commission. He, as somebody mentioned before, is the voice of the soldiers and is theright hand man of the Master Gunner.

    He, and I thinkl most of the RA agree, is key. He esorts the MG on visits to units and finds out what is really happening down in the Sgts Mess whilst the MG is getting his RRSE licked by the colonel. With him being already selected for commission, he has nothing to prove as a WO1, so most senior officers will listen to him.

    The only problem with the RS is the trades, ie, would a SSgt FoS look up to a Corps RSM??
  12. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer


    Commandant RMAS has an ADC and he's a 2*...

  13. Hmmm...I wondered when you'd appear to add your tuppence worth! The exception proves the rule etc etc etc
  14. In the good old days (pre-Options etc etc), when we were a much larger Corps than currently, we didnt have a "Corps RSM". The post was created in the early/mid-nineties as we imploded and the SOinC(A) post became a 1* in line with all other Arms etc, in fact a very useful WO1 Superinteding Clerk post at RHQ R Signals was sacrificed to put this very useful piece of wood in place!.........progress eh!
  15. Pretty much like an Adjutant really in respect of serving the CO!!