resignation letter

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by taylortaylor, Dec 4, 2012.

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  1. Can anyone let me have a resignation letter that is suitably sarcastic but not offensive.
  2. Dear Sir,

    Fuck off.

    Your obediant servant

    Joseph Deacon
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  3. Generalist sarcasm rarely works...
  4. Yep you`ve cracked the art of sarcasm!!!

  5. Seriously...Don't do sarcasm or offensive. Take the high ground and quit politely . You never know when this stuff can come back to bite you. Always keep the upper hand as what goes a round comes around.
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  6. Write the cunt on the back of a Benson&hedges packet.
  7. Old School....'Lick'em and stick'em.' But I imagine you are looking for something more short and to the point?
  8. Write it in blood...

    on the bedroom wall...

    of his kid.

    Be sure to write succintly, and with correct grammar or it can lose its effect. Don't use chav speak like LOL or URNXT! ROFB
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  9. Leave Stephen Hawking out of this
  10. Set fire to the building and wait outside with a pick helve to club survivors back into the flames. Possibly a little ambiguous, but I'm pretty sure they'll eventually get the point you want to make.
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  11. Gouge it in to her desk in a copperplate gothic motif using a school compass.
  12. You are so annoying being right on both counts.

    I can't do it. I was told to write an apology for offending a senior officer that got in my face when they were wrong, couldn't do it and said try and stick me on if you want, then had the units standing thrown in my face so dd JD1 version, obviously didn't work so went the other extreme and did a arse licking over the top letter. What went out was a normal one faked and by mates
    Get someone else to write it for you is my advice
  13. Before resigning, try sending an anonymous letter/e-mail to your superior just stating;

    'Get out now!!! All is known!!! Someone blabbed!!! Law involved!!!'

    Sometimes the problem leaves for 'personal reasons' and you may get promoted.
    Worth a go.
  14. So how did you offend said officer ?