Resignation Fever

I gather the rumour is true.

Well, I'm off for an Indian, I'm starving. :wink:
Sam, the clue may be in something written above. :wink:
Muttley said:
Im now left wondering as to how many Indian LE Officers we have in the Corps???
god that tickled me, good old dry humour!

Shame if its true, one of the only guys who actually taught all the time and never trapped. "Door is always open - no comebacks" and actually meant it. Always had time to help new pilots, and older ones like myself too!
A sad day in the Corps when a man like that needs to bang out. He must have had a good reason (or bad, depending how you look at it) to do that.

Good look to him in the AAC afterlife. Top geezer.
it's not only happening up north form what i've geard its starting down south already

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