Resign commission & rejoin as OR?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by throwaway, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. Hello.

    Commissioned recently and currently on special to arm training. Really not enjoying it at all and I'm wondering if there is anyway to serve as a soldier instead.

    Please don't turn this into a 'should have made the decision before' - I already know.

    What I'm asking is there a process to go through? Asking the CoC at this early stage isn't an option as will end career by even asking.
  2. Give it a chance, you are still in training.

    Life at unit is markedly different, especially for a commissioned rank. What makes you think you would enjoy serving as a soldier any more than you do now?
  3. Just a gut feeling, but I think you have no chance mate. I have certainly never heard of it happing, but I suppose there is always a first time for everything.

    As said give it time, you may find life different once you are in the Field Army

  4. Resign your commission and get out of the army.

    There are young lads reading this forum who would give their right arms to have a commission and you want to jack because you're "really not enjoying it". You will have good postings, bad postings and bloody awful postings,that's life.

    How will you go on op's with your attitude? You are a disgrace to your uniform, a weak individual and clearly not fit to command men.

    If you can't make it as an officer you sure as hell won't make it as a trooper.

    If TA, ignore this advice and go in as a squaddie, it's much more fun!
  5. Regular or TA and are you Cbt, CS or CSS? Also how far into your young officers' course are you?
  6. It can be done, but agree with others about giving the 'real' Army a chance. I know of one individual who hated RMAS but flourished since and is just about to take over a Reg Unit.

    Another friend left the Army as a Capt but now very happily serving in the RM as an OR so, as I said, it can be done.
  7. Wholeheartedly agree with the above. I remember some guys who were stars at RMAS and during their STA course, only to become disillusioned soon after commissioning. Others, however, scraped through both but have flourished since. Probably one of the reasons that you're finding life miserable is that despite having rocked up to Old College what seems like an age ago, and having endured endless lectures on leadership and warfighting since... you're still yet to do the job you've been focussed on for so long.

    Grit your teeth and hang in there - you are right that even the suggestion is the kind of career move which would torpedo the chance you still have of a fulfilling few years as a YO, and wouldn't wildly impress those who recruit soldiers into the system either. Life is pretty tough outside of the Army as well - be careful how you tread.

    Stick it out. Unless you're on a particularly funny STA course you only have a few months to push before you can start again with a relatively clean sheet and meet some soldiers for the first time. Then you can witness their lot, see how much you like your own, and make a much more informed and less emotional decision.

    Good luck.
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  8. Or transfer? Lots are doing it these days... Quite a fashion.

  9. stick with it you will go far and sit next to the Queen with your cock hanging out. .

  10. Alright badger? Alright Bodger?
  11. Or are you a Journo on a Fishing Trip?