Residual Service and VEng

I am led to believe that VEng is to be introduced to all A&S in Jan 08, thereby all serving personnel will automatically move from the 22 year career profile to Stage 2 VEng 24 year profile. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I am currently in my residual service and thus current regulations prevent promotion? My runout date is Feb 08, so fingers crossed I'll fall into the Stage 2 bracket, I will then start a further 2 years residual service errrmmm. 4 years residual service and marking time.

I feel that it would be prudent for the powers that be to waiver residual service for personnel who enlisted in years 1986-87.
Prior to my residual service starting I received 2 CR's in my current rank, although I was not put forward to any promotion board due to senority, understandable, but serving a further 3 years (marking time) is a little demoralising.

Obviously, this about me, but there must be others in the same situation as me, how do you feel about it?

The future is known, take a look at the present.
My partner is due out March 2008. The VEng was brought up on their last CR Interview (early 2006) as in how would / could it affect them in promotion and extended service etc

Reply came back from Glasgow as "well we've not really seen much about this, you'll be out as per your existing ROD - March 2008 and no there is no chance of you being out forward for the Promotion Board"

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