Residual Reserve Liability

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Joker, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. Just a quick one, if somebody could point me in the direction of the chapter and verse on this. One of my lads is coming to the end of his 22 years but has been given information concerning his residual reserve liability. I.e The period that he must be prepared to be called up from the reserves having left.

    Having served 22 years, I would have thought there was no liability. Am I correct in this assumption and or will he be required to be prepared to be called up? He has been told, incorrectly I believe, that he would be liable unless in a job such as the police or similar.
  2. When I hit 55, after doing 22 years (15 years after) I got a letter from some one or other thanking me for 22 years of loyal blah, blah and pointing out that I could still be called upon until the ages of 60 (or was it 65, I cant remember). The letter went on to say that this latter liability is extremely rarely called upon - or words to that effect.

    I left before one of the Gulf wars and when it was all about to kick off I got a letter reminding me that I could be recalled. At the time I was in Islamabad working as a consultant, which made me pretty much unavailable, although I suppose they could have recalled me from there if they were that desperate.
  3. I did 12 years (got out in 2000) and have heard nothing of the army since (apart from the annual 'Are you still alive?' letter). IIRC, I could only be called back if there was an 'Extreme national emergency'.
    Judging by the state I'm in now, it would have to be a bit more extreme than they were envisioning!
  4. I can confirm that he has a liability to the reserve until 60 but that current policy is not to call anyone over 55.

    (confirmed by MOD a few weeks ago)
  5. Does that call out liability stop if you then go on to join the TA? And if so, does it come back into effect once you leave the TA?
  6. I don't think there was anyone in the over-55 age bracket serving with the unit when I was PSI of 583 EOD Sqn RE (V).
  7. ...the 55 cut off is surely to enable them to get a full 5 years out of recalled personnel.

  8. Hmmm, I left in July 2007 and did not receive such a letter in 2008 or 2009. I am not holding my breath waiting for one this year either :?
  9. I think you missed my point eodmatt.

    I left in 1991, was eligible for call up as a reservist till I reach 55. I then joined the TA. Am I still eligible for call up under the original reservist banner? And if I leave the TA do I then come back under that banner?
  10. I stopped replying to them a couple of years ago, and heard nothing back from them. This thread reminded me of that, and I phoned them earlier to pass on my new address - not that there's any realistic chance of them ever getting me back in green.

    Although apparently there is a penalty for not keeping in touch, although I'd be surprised if they would waste resources to track somebody down who didn't bother keeping in touch. Unless anybody on here knows of anybody who has been prosecuted for failing to report?
  11. I'm quite sure there used to be a cash payment if you turned up somewhere, with kit in hand every year. Never did it myself, well once, got a letter asking if I would be willing to go on a 2 week exercise with them(not THEM them). Said yes and had a great 2 weeks swanning around the east Midlands in a LR doing mail runs. Made a nice little sum out of it too.
  12. You are not part of the Regular Reserve or the Long Term Reserve while you are in the TA - your TA liability takes precedence.

  13. Whoever is running this reservist thing is slacker than the slackest person working in the slackest office in Slacker land. I haven't heard from them in years - I could have died years ago and they wouldn't have known.

    Mmmm - maybe someone told them I had died, or they just don't care :cry:
  14. Thanks Idrach.
  15. Further to earlier answer; anyone living outside the EU will be removed from the reserve list upon notifying the appropriate desk @ Kentigern house. Their confirmation letter ends with a caveat saying you'll become liable for the remainder if you return to UK.