Residents vote to keep Fking in Austria

A bit like those funny bushes they have in the Falkland Islands, Dildo bushes, From Ian Stranges book " THe History of the Falkland Islands


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Ffostrasol always get a giggle with Fochriw as back up
Bell End, Worcestershire.
:D Never heard of that one before...
What's kraut for "Be gentle"?




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Cutaway said:
Gheluvelt said:
Donkey-Spanker said:
Gheluvelt said:
What's kraut for "Be gentle"?
"Hang on a minute, Dad"?
"Can I come out of the basement now, Dad?"
No, that's Belgian.

Or perhaps Portuguese.
I was thinking more along the lines of Josef Fritzl. But come to think of it, what the hell is going on with the continent?! Perhaps the Chunnel wasn't such a great idea...

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