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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by RW101, Oct 15, 2010.

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  1. Hey

    I have been offered a chance to work in the USA for 3 months after i finish studying, so its essentially a summer placement. Great for leadership,organisation,team work and adventure.

    Anybody know if being out the country for 3 months will mean that when i come home to apply i will need to apply for a residency waiver?

    I have heard it said before by someone.... but just wondered if i could get some insight here.

  2. Absences amounting to 90 days within the qualifying residency period of 5 years are generally not quibbled with.

    If you have lived here all your life then it's effectively a non-issue. You may be asked to explain what you did, where and why but it should be quite be straight forward, judging from your post.
  3. I've been living in Italy for the past six months and intend to stay here until May of next year. Should I be concerned about a residency waiver too?
  4. I've heard that the due to the recruiting boom times at present waivers are rarely considered. However, there can be exceptions if you've lived in a country where thorough security/history checks can be carried out by UK agencies, for example Germany. You would have to speak to the AFCO to see if Italy is one such country.
  5. Thank you, cupoftea. Would I be correct to assume, however, that seen as I lived in England for my whole life before my application, and am currently half way through the selection process, I don't need to apply for a waiver?
  6. I would suggest that you ring up the AFCO to see if your retrospective vetting has begun.
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  8. Citizenship requirements - British Army Website
    AOSB/FAM visits irrelevant. If they can't be vetted they don't receive their MOD90. No MOD90 = no training. Simples.
  9. I know an RN lad who spent a year or two in china and only got a dispensation when the naval attache at the UK embassy wrote him a letter saying what a good chap he was.
  10. It sounds like there is a certain amount of scare mongering going on on this thread.

    A period of a few months study or work abroad during or post university will not make the blindest difference to your applications.

    If you have spent two years studying in an AQ funded madrassa in the FATA in Pakistan, there are likely to be a few red lights on the security side, but a few months in the US or Europe should not be a concern. If you are still not sure, ask your recruiting officer.
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  12. It is poor presentation, because although a nuanced consideration will be given to British Citizens who have spent most (or most of the past 5 years) of their lives overseas, the need for thorough vetting still exists.

    I should have prefaced with this : it's not about arbitrary time periods, it's about security clearances. What you've done is what you've done and guidelines notwithstanding, if the defence vetting agency decide that you're OK then that's all there is to it. Goes without saying that each case will be as unique as the individual.