Residency rule?

could anyone clarify the residency requirements for joining the Int Corps? Is it 10 years in the UK or could it be less?
As far as I understand it and dont quote me on this, the Int Corps is one of those that is only available to those with either British or Irish nationality.

Dual nationality is okay, - Aussie/Brit for example.

Commonwealth citizens are entitled to join the British army, but not the Int Corps. I do not know what the situation is for non Brit/Irish transferees already within the army, or those from the AUS or NZ Int Corps,

Now it was a while since I found this out, so best advice is to try a careers office and ask the direct question of them. I warn you though, chances are that the recruiters wont know either, so dont let them fob you off - get them to make that phone call.

Basically, if you are entitled to a UK or Irish passport, you should be laughing.

Anyone know any different? The only thing that makes me doubt all this is that im sure ive heard of transferees from the NZ and AUS Corps...

You've seen my reply in Officers Forum on same stuff I'm sure. I can tell you that I know that South Africans and Canadians have in the past been told they can't join the Int Corps.

You may wish to ask a direct question to the Defence Vetting Agency -

Good luck
Yep, was told no at the careers office, 10 year residency etc etc.

Might not matter anymore anyways as it seems a 2 year residency is now MANDATORY for ALL commonwealth applicants.
They've changed it to ten. Exceptions to the rule was if you lived in a colony like Hong Kong was I was the last to get through on that technicality. Canadians, Convicts(Aussies), Kiwis, South Africans and Fijians are a no at present unless they ahve qualified for a residency visa

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