Residency Requirements

Hi all,

I applied for Sandhurst in September 2012 having graduated from uni in 2011 and having been living and working in Japan for a year.

My sponsor encouraged me to work in Japan to gain life experience an strengthen my application.

Fast forward to this week, having passed Briefing with a cat1 last month, and I just received an email from Capita saying I don't meet the residency requirements for a commission as I've been out of the country for two years.

Should I be worried about this? I'm a British citizen and lived in England until 2011. Any opinions would be appreciated. I'll contact them on Monday (the women dealing with my application conveniently went on a weeks holiday immediately following the aforementioned email...)

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You're a British Citizen, that should be the end of it. Being overseas for a length of time may cause issues with vetting at some point, but nothing that should bar entry

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