Residency question.

Just been reading up on the requirements of joining and one is that I must have been resident in the country for 5 years.

I've been flitting between here and Norway over the last couple of years studying. Is it worth just lying? I've very few employment records or NI for either the time I was here or the time I spent over there so it's not as if I can't disguise the time away as just time I spent working cash in hand (which I've done for most of the time here).

Constructive comments and flaming welcome.
Whatever you do, don't lie. I know its a stated requirement but I joined the navy from Southern Ireland even though 'normally' you should've been resident in the UK for 5 years prior to your joining up and that rule supposedly applied to us paddies. But we all know thats b0llocks! Of course, hypothetically speaking, there's nothing stopping you enquiring at an AFCO in a different part of the country so you can't get caught out by your local AFCO.

As an army recruiter, I can honestly say, please don't lie about your residency. I appreciate that you are a keen potential recruit, and I would gather that from your small CV that you have given, you might actually carry through you application. However, if you lie on the AVCO 4 form and you are found out, you will severely curtail your chances of ever joining the British forces in the future.

Your question in itself is an indication that you are a good POTENTIAL recruit but please do not put yourself in a position wherebye you could actually find yourself in danger of being prosecuted and potetially being imprisoned for giving false details on the AVCO 4.

You don't mention whether you are Norweigian hoping to join here, or whether you are British but have spent some time in Norway.

My best advice to you would be to work with your local recruiting office in the UK to find out when you CAN be accepted into the services here. You never know, there might even be some sort of legislation that pops up in the near future that allows you to join sooner rather that later.

Good luck mate.

Ok. Thanks for the advice.

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