Reshuffle 15/09

<<<1504: Boris leaves parliament for Downing Street. Sackings must be over.>>>

Get back in there, you cúnt. You've forgotten Priti Patel!
Not sacked?
Protected demographic. He needs enough women and brown faces to placate the diversity demon.
Probably doesn't want her raising hell on the backbenches either...
In that case, he'll get endless boatloads of them with Priti Patel still in post.
That won't be an issue until 12 - 6 months before the next election. Then there'll be some tough talk on immigration and a few 'crackdowns' for the benefit of 'those' voters.
Amanda who?!!
Amanda who?!!

Amanda Mealing. She's the milf who played the surgeon, Connie Beauchamp in Holby City.


Good choice.
Truss is a Remainer. Interesting.
Priti to the MoD I say, give her the ship and planes to deal with the immigration issue properly.

Then PM once Boris has had enough.
She would make a cock-up of it, with even those resources at her disposal :( .

There is absolutely no reason why the RN should sully its fine reputation, clearing-up the debacle, which is of the BF's own making.

I do not think BF staff have the resolve, or willingness, to now work in a more robust manner. The sooner they are ALL sent back to their "airport arrivals desks", the better.

Clearly the UK does have uniformed personnel with the required skills, knowledge and experience, to implement the more robust policy of "Push Back", but I would anticipate those personnel being "seconded" to FB ;) .
Doesn't sound like it.
It’s been a huge privilege to serve as Secretary of State
. Thank you to everyone at the department for their hard work, dedication and friendship. I’m deeply proud of all we achieved. I will continue to support the Prime Minister and the Government in every way I can.

Feed that into Google Translate Bullshit><English
Are you sure?

Sorry. I had to reread what you said. For some reason I read remainer as leaver.

Liz Truss's name has been mentioned as a future PM. About a year ago there was one of those short Profile episodes devoted to her on R4 that mentioned this. I remember thinking at the time, 'Are we talking about the same Liz Truss?'
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