Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Outcast, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. Hello All,

    Just looking for a general opinion.

    I attended my resettlement advice brief today and came home and was explaining everything to Mrs Outcast. When I told her all I would get and about all the briefs and stuff, she looked at me with disdain and said " When do I get a brief, or get a resettlement course"? I tried to say, well, i do it and then come back and relay it on to you.

    Nomatter what I said, she was right in what she said in that, she has been with the army for 20 odd years. She made me think about things so i went online and checked the AFF site and found nothing relating to resettlement for wives. Its not often she makes an impact on me, but I feel that yes, wives are hard done to in this respect and maybe a lot more could be done to get them involved with the resettlement process. It wouldn't hurt organisations such as AFF to set up some support for wives in such a difficult time.

    Just a few thoughs, looking to see what others in the military think, am i missing something or is there a whole network of support out there or is it as I suspect that wives are left to make the best of their lot.

  2. Ok I will be first.

    What has your Mrs been doing for 20 years? (No offence etc)

    It is a very valid point as well about returning to civvy life for the wife.
    Moving,estrangement etc throughout your career.

    To be honest never thought about it myself when I was discharged and thinking now it should be something to follow up especially for young wives or pers that leave without doing the full whack etc.

    Best of luck whatever you choose to do

  3. She has followed me and supported me, through all the ops and courses and whatever I have done. She has done just about every job imaginable given the circumstances so I cant fault her there. She has helped me revise for all my courses and also raised two kids while i have been off around the world. We married when she was 17 so she knows no other life, I think the transition will be harder for her than me.
  4. Have you a place to live yet? that should be your first concern. imagine having your own place after years of march out routines. That is something to aim for.
  5. Housing and Pension Briefs
    Attendance at either of these briefings is treated as duty, allowances apply, and may take place at any time in a Service person's career, although priority is given to Service leavers with 9 months or less until discharge. The briefings are held at all Regional Resettlement Centres, and spouses can attend if there is space available.

    I'm not sure what else your other half would be expecting from the Army. I know that you say she's been with the Army too but ultimately it's you that's leaving the job and not her. She could go and change jobs and you wouldn't get anything from her employer when she left so why should your employer be any different?