Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by extankie, Dec 17, 2004.

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  1. What is the alloted leave entitlement after giving a years notice. Due to sign off 12 May 05, and out 13 May 06 to be exact, how early can I be released with resettlement leave etc.
    I've will have done 12 yrs onmy leaving date.
  2. See JSP 534 -Triservice Resettlement Manual- for eligibility to resettlement time and services . This can be found in BnHQ/RHQ, at your local AEC or on the CTP web site last is a good site especially if your query is still 'covert'.See also

    To get the 12 yr 'resettlement grant' of £8433 you must have 12 yrs reckonable service by the time the MOD stops paying you. Leave early and you may well not qualify.

    Terminal leave is your last 28 calendar days of service,on leave,can start work.If thinking of working abroad then normal MOD permission is needed. It will not be given for some areas-guess where.

    Any one can ask for an interview with the local IERO at the AEC( in most cases) whether or not they have signed off. Ask for a education interview if at the unit and still covert but tell the AEC that it's about resettlement.
  3. Thanks for the advice it was a great help
  4. ... qus : are you taking the pish? What resettlement grant of £8433? or do you mean a terminal grant of some description?

    The only resettlement grant that I am aware of is about £540 for trg expenses.
  5. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Resettlement grant of £8433 paid to soldiers leaving the army having completed more than 12 but less than 22 years RECKONABLE service. Resettlement Grant is a bit of a mis-nomer as the money is yours to do with what you like.

    £540 ish is indeed for a Resettlement course - when people talk about £2K ish for resettlement what they actually mean is this £540 plus the associated travel and subsistence allowance. (About £74.50 a day if you swing it right!)
  6. R+
  7. Excellent advice for those who have signed up for, I think the term is 'extended learning credits' it’s the new incentive from last year. and are leaving now.

    As they are transferable into civi street up to a max of 1000 quid a year.

    On your job interview you can throw in the information that you can "pay" for any courses that you prospective employer might need to send you on. Bit of a win/win scenario for both prospective employer and you.
  8. Enhanced Learning Credits - 3 pots of £1k (not taxed, while you are serving)each annually for all personnel, provided they applied for it before a deadline last year. Payable for ten (I think) yrs after leaving but it is taxable once you have left. You need to ensure that the cse is ELC attracting before you sign up to it. A very useful gizzit and should be grasped with both hands by everybody.

    Ques: Why do you have to apply before a deadline for any entitlement? Surely, if you are entitled to something you should be allocated it automatically, instead of having to applyy for it? If you don't use it then you forfeit it. (Case in point - me. I was unaware fo the ELC becuase of my posting. Get back here and only find out about it thro a conversation. So I managed to persuade the system that I had a case and got the ELC - could have dipped out easily.)

    Also do not forget the Standard Learning Credit - not much at about £150, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. And the short Uni cses that are free to serving personnel.

    My advice - take it all if you can - it's worth it.
  9. i am currently in my last 9.5 months of service (enlisted in 1982) this llusion of the £540 for courses is crazy, if your course ,for whatever reason is only £470 then you must do matns on both figures and the army will only pay 80% of the course fees so I will only get just over £370 ish so i will still have to put nearly £90 of my own money . Whats that all about why dont they let you use the £540 its a farse.
  10. I am an old fogey out in oct 05 ..enhanced learning credits no good if you course is not at the higher nvq accredited level
  11. Embalming bloke you need to talk to resettlement again, the entire cost of my resettlement course is funded by the MoD, the 80% was the standard learning credit which is now 80% of the costs up to £175 by my units orders this week, and the ELC is available on more than just NVQ as long as it is at an approved centre and will ENHANCE your learning, hence the title, any help if not you could PM me and we could talk.
  12. Resettlement course fees. 'Individual Resettlement Training Costs' money is up to £534 for course fees; 80% or £427 can be claimed in advance, the balance of the £534 can be claimed at the end. If the course costs more than £534 then that is for you to fund.

    You cannot claim ELC for the same course as the one IRTC is being used for.

    Go to the resettlement website, look up the Triservice Resettlement Manual JSP 534, section 4 for the full details - you can even print off to help your pay staff understand!!
  13. ELC is a very complex issue. You need to speak to the AEC on this but read the DCI JS 30/04 first. Put crudely the course must be at vocational level 3[supervisory/ A level], be of benefit to the MOD [if not in resettlement phase], be with an approved provider, not paid for and not started.
    Note in each AEC there are only two[2] signatories - the OC and the IERO.