I'm having a bit of trouble getting in touch with my resettlement clerk and could do with some advice from any pay type people.

I have applied for accommodation for my resettlement courses and have received a non availability for the courses. Can I just book BandB and claim the money back or is there another way that I need to do it?

your unit is responsible for all subsistence:

JSP 534

Units are responsible for authorising subsistence; if the resettlement activity is not available within a reasonable travelling distance from the Service Leavers (SL) residence or available service accommodation, the SL is responsible for booking accommodation.

Subsistence Allowance
Service accommodation must be used whenever possible. When none is available, subsistence allowance may be claimed.

So speak to your admin office, they should arrange your accom through the CHBC and warrants for your travel (although a resettlement entitlement) also come from your unit admin.
AFAIK you should book accomodation through the Central Accomodation Booking Service. Who will sort out a B+B / hotel for the duration of the course.

Tel 01252 352169 Fax 01252 352154

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