Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by liag, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. I'm just starting my resettlement process now and i've been looking at cources run at RTC aldershot, the only thing is, everyone i speak to is saying that they are shit but they cannot give me a definitive reason as to why.

    Has anyone got an answer for me or has anyone actually done these courses and got some feedback for me

  2. Didnt do mine at Aldershot so dont quote me on this.

    But I personally reckon it depends what u wanna do, and where u wanna do it.

    Also I reckon external training organisations will have better contacts in the industry. But they are expensive and u might be able to do more than one course if u opt for aldershot. All things to look into mate.

    What u looking at doing?
  3. Find out how many people got jobs on the back of the RTC jobs and judge them on that. Don't take their word for it though, try to find out yourself.

    Be aware that some of the courses ran at these places are only there to keep them in business. Whether you end up with a job or not is irrelvant.

    Decide what it is that you want to do and start asking questions in that sector about job prospects. Network like f*ck when you get the chance. Just don't be too dependant upon RTC and the likes.
  4. thanks for the replys.

    to answer your question i'm looking at going into electrical contracting.

    has anyone out there managed to get a job after completing rtc run courses
  5. I've done courses at the RTc and found them to be excellent value for money, it all depends on the qualification you get at the end surely?
    Doesnt matter if you do the course for 300 quid at the RTC or 5 grand in London, if the qual is the same then I know what the best one was.
    You can of course pay yourself for courses done at the RTC if you've used up your GRT and this is cheap.
    Hope this helps.
  6. Did mine at Aldershot - top quality. People on the same course thought it was a bag of boll***s - the reason - it depends on who you get as your resssetlement councilor at the end - I got a good one, others were not so fortunate. No names, no pack drill...