Apart from cash is any assistance given?

Eg the Irish Defence Forces (and some larger employers) run pre-retirement courses so the people know how to look after their tax affairs etc

They also get (I think the figure is) 28 days pre-discharge leave, if they joined before 1994/5.
What services are you then (if serving)? As it can be quite an open question depending entirely on personal circumstance.
Ohh I dont know, have a look at his username and take a wild stab in the dark......

Resettlement for me started 2 years prior to retirement. Attended a course that, in my opinion wasn't very informative but others have found it useful. You are then given a small grant to use on training and have 35 days extra leave to carry out resettlement training, job interviews etc. you then have a final 28 days termination leave. I left in 2011 and thats how it went for me

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