Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by I Cannie Da it Sgt, Sep 30, 2011.

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  1. Hi there, I am currently half way through my 5 week self employment trade course (level 3) at UK Trades Training, first of all it is a great course and it is quite obvious from the start that all the instructors are SME’s who are not just helpful but actually go out of their way to help you!!

    I would recommend that everyone about to start there resettlement read JSP 534, that way when the resettlement staff at the education centre try to ob you off like they did with me, you can quote it and put them in their place which is to help you!

    UK Trades Training
  2. Hi Mate
    Thanks for using your ELC training with us,
    Pleased to here you are enjoying the course, Tiling and Plumbing now completed, just 2 weeks of plastering to go, make sure you get get some overalls as things get messy at the start

    See you on Monday

    website UK Trades Training
  3. Do these posters have the same IP?
  4. Already in the bag and I am looking forward to the plastering.

    See you monday, have a great wekend.
  5. Lobster, the answer to that is no, are you into your resettlement phase or dod you leave the services without doing any resettlement??

    The boys/girls need to get the message that they can crack on with their resettlent and what they are entitled to as well as there are people out there that are will to help them rather than take the piss??

    I am open to any Q's on my resettlemnt and I will give a straight and honest answer.