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Why is it that when you apply to join the army, everybody within the system does everything to get you where you want to be,as in they know everything i.e they know the right route,chain of command, right direction of employment etc etc.

However when it comes to resettlement, Nobody gives a flying toss, people become unhelpful make your life misery in trying to resettle to civ div, Don´t advise you on the correct ways of going about things, Its as if you have become the bad penny in the box, so to speak.

As anybody else got any views to this end!


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I found when I went throught the system that it was a huge help to have a good idea of what you wanted to do - the system isn't that helpful or easy to navigate without that.

What I ended up doing was not doing any of the courses or briefings and just taking the time and actually starting work with my current company ten weeks or so before actual discharge.

One of the flaws I found with the system was that the same old retired RAEC half colonels were still running the Army side of the interface and it was obvious that a number of them had never had a proper job in their lives - school->Uni->Sandhurst->Army->ROIII job - and it showed. I wasn't struck by their grasp of conditions on the out.

That said, military experience, expecially if you've had a bit of rank, is very useful and well-regarded on the outside - provided you can forget any rank or status you might have enjoyed while in. The management skills and the ability to rub along with people are extremely important, being an ex-Colonel or RSM or whatever substantially less so!

I am one of a loose network of people who try to help out, outside the resettlement organisation, with giving people a bit of a hand, whether with advice, or CV-polishing or what have you. Drop me an IM if you like.


I think the CTP thing is very good and the less rigid structure of how you choose to resettle is very good. I have to say though that you hit the bullseye with the RO IERO's, what an absolute waste of time. You would also have hoped that they would not try the rank thing every 2 mins as well, maybe they forgot that the person they are interviewing is not that interested in their previous rank, or just about anyones at that stage!! Someone criticised the use of ROs recently in Sixth Sense and the bullshit reply from the head RO could have filled a thousand thunderboxes.
Resettlement?  Whats all that about then?

When I left RAOC in 89, I had to pay £400 for a course, (no one said anything about paying for it), the rules said I wasnt entitled to a travel warrant from Germany to the course location, so I was expected to pay for that too.

When I finally got out I contacted the local RAOC depot, CAD Longtown for a Civvie job.  B1 LCpl, 6 years in, the answer, "Have you got 2 O levels?",  Reply "No", Response "OK sorry we're not interested".  

I would have been teaching the spotty 16 yo oiks who had just left school how to do the job I'd been doing for the last 6 years!!


Well i am writing this on a computer in the classroom i am doing my resettlement in!
I think the Army does more to ptepare you for life outside than it does when your in! For example - for the next 2 years, i have a career consultant on hand to answer any questions i may have, and if i don't manage to find a job, he will assist in finding one.  This is only one example, there are many other good points that would take too long to write about.


Having recently left the Service, I was lucky enough to be in a position to not really need resettlement services (I'll not bore you as to why).

However, the biggest gripe I had by far is the inflexible way the personnal resettlement money is allowed to be used.  There is approx. £1700 for expenses (e.g. hotel costs) but only a pitiful amount (c.£300 or so, I really can't remeber exact amount) for courses.

Now for someone like me looking for IT courses at about £1500 for five days training, I would have preferred the money to be allocated opposite to the way it is but was told "No Way" in no uncertain terms.

The answer - finding money out of my savings that could have been spent on my new house and a large percentage of my personnal resetlement allowance un-spent.

Oh-well, all turned out o.k, see my motto on left  ;D


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Soon to be a civilian and now find I am in this same adventure the local RO is nothing more than a challenge - he has very little experiance with finding a job and keeps talking about life in the forces - time this side of resettlement was outsourced. :wink:
The RO at Larkhill wanted me to go and live\work or study in Plymouth for some bizzare reason.
I live in and come from Preston. I still can't figure out why. Maybe it's because he has never had a job outside of the army in his life, has no skills which could ever be transferred to civ-div and is desperately trying to cover up for the fact that his job was possibly going to be outsoursed to a civvy contractor.


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Speedy said:
I live in and come from Preston.
Any where near Garstang Road ???

Worked in a Dental lab before I joined on Garstang Road then down Pope Lane :wink:
I have been out nearly 3 years now and am doing quite well, in a pretty secure job with further promotion on the horizon. I am working for a Global IT Company.

The resettlement course I wanted to do was almost nearly blocked by my RO. This was some crusty old geezer who suggested that I should contact the manpower services commission of the town I left 23 years ago (and didn't want to return to), and when I had a reply we could then discuss what sort of training was suitable. There was no way I was going to take that sort of nonsense but ended up having to write a formal letter stating that I did not want any resettlement advice, even then the course only got authorised in time by some pushing from my then CO. The course had been recently featured in one of the resettlement magazines so could not understand the reluctance.

I mentioned this at the time on the course and the course director wrote to the resettlement officer asking him why he would not recommend the course. He came back with some wishy washy tale about how he did not like to commit young boys to expensive courses that was outside their means. I actually saw the letter.

At then end of the course this young boy (40) had to shell out £180, had various civilian paper qualifications, although very basic, oh and a job to go to with three weeks of the course still to run.

Resettlement should be completely outsourced now.
GP3_Bunny said:
Speedy said:
I live in and come from Preston.
Any where near Garstang Road ???

Worked in a Dental lab before I joined on Garstang Road then down Pope Lane :wink:
Yes. I live just off there near the hospital.


The guy I saw at the education centre was a complete plonker (shan't name him). I had a full plan of where I wanted to go with all the courses I needed and was just attending the interview because my resettlement clerk said i had to go.

After showing him all my Diploma's, Qualifications and plans of the courses I wanted to do, all he could suggest was that I think about driving a truck????? Yes I did have an LGV licence I said but haven't driven anything larger than a landrover for 18 years???

Can't go wrong being a truck driver he said!!!!

pooh I said and issued a few slurrs against his inbred and questionable parentage on my way out the door. Not heard from him since funnily enough but did get a very helpful call from a lady who had taken over my case at another education centre??? Funny that?? :roll:


I went through the aldershot resettlement centre when i got out in 2000 same deal, run by ex army officers who's best recommendation was join the TA as you may need the money!!

Anyhow the best plan i found was to talk the the recruitment agencies (IT) about what was needed/required and what experience areas were valued. I then found a couple of IT training companies that bundled prices together for the course so that your resettlment grant would cover off the cost of the course. The last part is you have to be a bit creative on your CV and gear it to what you are going into. I used my gardening leave to work for free for an IT company who in turn gave me a reference & valuable experience

Four years later i m an IT Consultant/Project Manager on a good wicket. If i can do it anyone can its not rocket science. If anyone is leaving and going into the IT field feel free to PM if they need any advice or I can be of help


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Never really thought about this before but why does the army (and Navy and RAF for all I know) leave career advice to officers who have never worked in civvy street?

It may have changed since 1990 when I left but the my resettlement advice was "get your HGV"...........and thats about it. To be fair by then I had my anti army head on so I took whatever was going.

Should the forces out source this service to proper recruitment / headhunting agencies?

In my experinence once your out your on your own........unless you have a network of contacts in place before leaving do not expect anyone to go out of their way to help you..........sink or swim, thats life.

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