Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by krnkat, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. Can someone please help, Looking to signing off asap. due to wife and baby.
    Been to Resettlement centre, they won't give any info.

    Am in the Signals, Which courses or options are there for me to help in civvie street.
  2. Haven't you already started a thread on this already?

    Seriously mate, are things really that bad that you're about to jump ship with absolutely no plan of what you want to do or achieve?

    Which resettlement centre are you going to, they normally fight each other to try to help you out?

    Trust me now is not the time to join our ranks in Civvi Strasse without some direction.

    What do you actually want to do as a new career? A lot of Ex Sigs normally head towards Comms or I.T.

    As has been stated there are plenty of resources open to you, it just takes a bit of persistence to navigate the resettlement paper chase.

    One thing I did learn when leaving is never to believe your unit admin staff when claiming allowances. Get yourself up to the IERO for a chat and get your head in JSP534.

    Signing off now with 12 years under your belt should enable you to claim the following:

    2 x Upper Tier ELC's - One this financial year, One the next. £4000.
    6 Weeks GRT:
    Up to 42 nights night subsistence allowance @ £80 per night: £3360.00
    Up to 42 days day subsistence allowance @ £27.01 per day: £1134.42
    Individual Resettlement Training Grant @ £534.

    Roughly £9000 available if you plan your courses wisely and have a provider in the know.

    Also don't forget about, Incidental expenses, standard learning credits, travel claims and your resettlement grant (i.e 12 year money, often referred to as half pension, not to be confused with the individual resettlement training grant)
  3. Resettlement - Tis what I do!
  4. Mr Filbert,

    If I were to work back from my discharge date and having served 22+ years, should I include the 35 days GRT, Termination Leave 28 days (is this correct)? plus any ALA days I have left? Have I missed anything out?

    Thank you

  5. I think Mr Filbert would agree with this
  6. How many years you been in?
  7. Plan your resettlement well - Choose the course for the type of work you want to do. It worked well for me and I have never looked back.
    As an employer I can tell you it isnt all doom and gloom - I have taken on 6 new staff (out of 15) this year alone and recruitment was not easy for some posts as i had few applicants and for other posts a lot totally inappropriate applicants.
    This wont apply to readers but I have had an business admin apprentice vacancy for over 12 months unfilled. Of the 3 candidates who have shown a vague interest , 1 overslept the interview, another forgot it was scheduled and the third decided she didnt want to work and would rather go on the dole- admittedly they were all school leavers but still!
    And Good Luck
  8. Sorry its taken me so long, moved house.

    Yep, thats right, some people are amazed at how little time they have left in uniform, especially as you also have to factor in dekitting, pre-release and release medicals, CTW, FAR, housing briefs etc..
    Ive seen several people who once weve worked it out, they should actually have dekitted and been on leave.