Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by krnkat, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. Can someone please help, Looking to signing off asap. due to wife and baby.
    Been to Resettlement centre, they won't give any info.

    Am in the Signals, Which courses or options are there for me to help in civvie street.
  2. what info do you want? How long have you been in? Are you registered for ELC?
  3. Done 12 years just.

    Trying to find out what courses they have,
    Seeming we're in a Reccestion would b nice to know which way to go where there are jobs etc
  4. Telecoms training through 'Linbrooke', they are ELCAS registered as well, offer a shed load of Telecoms type training if you want to stay in the siggy type field. Linbrooke, run by an ex-bootie.

    All depends on what you want to do. With 12+ years service youll get:
    30 working days GRT (resettlement time)
    £534 IRTC (resettlement money)
    6 warrants (rail, air, MMA)
    up to £109.52 (actuals) per day allowances for food and accom while on courses

    Access to:
    Interview with IERO (Resettlement brief, mandatory)
    3 day CTW (mandatory, or you wont get any of the above)
    1 day Financial aspects of resettlement briefing
    1 day Housing brief
    Employment fairs

    Does this help any?
  5. Yes it does thank-you.

    Do you have any knowledge of what the job market in this field looks like out there??
  6. IT is another booming area, even in 'recession'. As long as you have the skills AND experience many companies will take you on because your Ex-Forces. Look to study your CCNA and MCSE 2003 (messaging if you can get it or Security). You can start off with getting the basic knowledge on a Comptia A+ and Comptia N+ course. Look at Based in India and have a rather extensive catalogue of courses. Also, There is still money to be made in Fibre so see what companies offer fibre courses.
  7. krnkat, what trade are you at the moment? You should definitely consider whether you can build upon any civvy accreditation, as it could ease things along a little bit. Any particular area you looking to live in when you leave?

  8. Sysop unfortunately cumbria on the lancashire border as thats where i'm from
  9. If you want to stay in comms and ICT, you could possibly consider doing a riggers course. Maybe even the Blandford fibre optic course. Loads of people get loaded on that course who have no real need for it, so maybe you could do the same. are a bit sparse up north. Have you looked to see how telecoms is faring in Blackburn, Preston and so on?
  10. Im getting out because of exactly the same reasons mate, wife and newborn and the fact Im away all the bloody time!

    Have a look on here for jobs:

    Had a look today and emailed my CV off to a couple of companies and got a response in the form of phone calls within half an hour, both saying they are very interested in me. May turn out to be nothing but certainly seems promising so maybe have a go yourself?

    The biggest thing Ive been told from friends/colleagues who have got out previous is that squaddies undersell themselves massively so make sure you really sell yourself in your CV.

    Have you had a look at resettlement courses yet?
  11. I would lean towards CCNA or MCSE resettlement courses if you want to stay in IT/Telecom, i won't slag of the other telecom/fibre ones as i did that but found sod all use later in my civvy career. At least with some Microsoft accreditation you will get employment albeit at the bottom of the ladder in an IT dept, the others are cable tv inst tech jobs and they are shite paid piece work, been there done it. Or get some PBX accreditation under your belt, Meridian would be good, always plenty of field sevice jobs going, i've used these plenty for training over the years. They also do Prince certification, which is less specialised, and again always gonna need project managers.
  12. What kind of work would you like to do, krnkat? Clearly you have a foot in the telecoms door, but it isn't always for everyone and I wouldn't recommend IT and network engineering unless you actually fancy it and have both interest and aptitude.
  13. Nail on head by poison Dwarf there! Personally i attended one and a half resettlement briefs before leaving the "green". First one was excellent and discussed CV writing and how to prep for interview etc etc. Second one was bloody awful with some bum-nut burbling on about how to market yourself/networking blah, blah, blah! Didn't bother going back after the second day.

    As previous posters have pointed out, Comms/IT is a great way to go if that's what you want to do. Personally i got seriously peed off with everybody "assuming" that i was going to go and work for BT in London coz "that's where the money is"! Even got invited into the OC's office for tea and biccy's where the conversation centered around how i really must consider the future waffle, waffle, waffle! He got a little flustered when i pointed out that he hadn't given a flying fcuk about my career for the last 3 years so why was he so concerned about it now? Tee hee.

    Without repeating much of what has been said in previous threads, go and have a look at this....

    Best of luck for the future bud.