Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by krnkat, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. Can someone please help, Looking to singing off asap. due to wife and baby.
    Been to Resettlement centre, they won't give any info.

    Am in the Signals, Which courses or options are there for me to help in civvie street.
  2. Use your RCMO as first port of contact

    if resettlement 'cant' help you, does that mean you've been in less than 5 years ?

    Use the skills and quals you have, wife n nipper in toe you dont have the time or finances to wander off at a tangent - check out satelite companies / BT etc in your area were your going to settle
  3. with your signals experience if you have a lot of spots, bad breath and look like a sack of sh :D ite in whatever you wear you want to be looking into a career with the carphone wharehouse

  4. 12 years,
    Resettlement centre won't help until i've actually signed off.
    I've looked around at jobs but am worrying alot with the economic climate as it is. and thinking is it going to be worse in a years time??
  5. Try this link re cable/satalite jobs. The forum might help also.

    Is it wise to sign off with a wife n sprog in toe with the state of the current economical climate???

    *Edited to add the link! Feckin numbnuts!

  6. Very constructive. Thank-you
  7. Already said but to echo, with the current financial climate being what it is, would getting out now be such a wise move???
  8. I agree with other posters. To sign off now might be a tad silly. I have advertised for several jobs in the past 6 months for receptionist posts at 1.50 over the minimum wage. In March I had 300 applications for one post (including ex-bank managers, legal clerks etc) and in June had 3 jobs going (one data input clerk at 8 quid and hour, one accounts clerk at 8.80 an hour and a receptionist a 7.10 an hour) and got 700 applications. For the first time ever, I was unable to reply to every applicant which made me feel quite bad as I have always made it a point to reply. Allied Carpets closed, East Midlands trains made 160 redundant in the last month. Unless you have something concrete to go to, think over your options.
  9. This is the NAAFI you f ucking rocket.
  10. I disagree. RCMOs are not there to advise on resettlement. RCMOs are there as a link between APC, the unit and the soldier. RCMOs are almost always first tour LE officers who, although they have a wealth of military experience, usually have very little knowledge of the external (civvy) job market.

    krnkat, it might be worth your while to speak to somebody at your unit who is near their 22 yr point, as they will understandably be probing the market too. I would also suggest that you ask for advice from your trade supervisor e.g. Sqn YofS, FofS etc - in my experience they will have a lot of contacts on the outside.

    What trade are you at the moment and where are you looking at living when you get out? I know a few recruiters who are ex-Corps. Possibly worthwhile looking at the Facebook group for ex-members looking for work and also at Also search online for the Corps resettlement newsletter.


    p.s. As Rudie said, this is the NAAFI. You'd be FAR better posting your question on the R SIGNALS forum or the resettlement forum. Common sense like.