Resettlement with CTTS

Hi does anyone know much about doing resettlement with ctts is it all cracked up to be as in theres a good chance of getting a job in civvy street afterwards. Just that I'm unsure with doing a 7 week course and getting 2 BTEC 4's and 2 BTEC 3's in 7 weeks and being able to carry out the job correctly due to lack of experience and also what jobs are out there that can be done with doing their courses? Any advice??



With CTTS you will get the primary quals for copper and fibre with the city and guilds 3667. The BTECHs' enhance your new skillsets which will help if your looking to get in with the likes of BT openreach or VirginMedia. The CCTV over IP and Intelligent buildings are more specialised but can lead on to some contract stuff (its all good to know in a wide market).

They have a good network of job placement which has a high success rate of leading to full employment but this really does come down to you and where you are resettling.

I would recommend the 4 week as a minimum covering copper,fibre C&G and the Access networks BTech, then decide on blown fibre and PON's and the other two. Fibre to home is starting to warm up finally in the UK so worth doing the BTech, unless you intend to stay in the data comm cat5e market.

A big advantage is you get a lot of hands on with the equipment etc, this isnt the in and out sniff of a splicer course you will find elsewhere. It is a solid foundation in networks.

What it wont do is make you an uber telecomms project manager, you will have to learn that yourself!

Any other questions then PM me.


Also see my thread on jobs offered with Openreach. They are recruiting ONLY ex mod for some projects right now. Any probs pm me and ill send you details.