Resettlement - what should one not do...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Litotes, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. :arrow: Grow a beard!

    Reason For. Laziness. And just to feel what it was like.

    Reason Against. It didn't stop itching and just as it started to soften, I decided to shave it off so as to look (reasonably) smart at an interview.

    It took over an hour in front of the mirror! Lots of blood, razor blades and swearing.

    DON'T DO IT!

    Any other suggestions?

  2. Play golf when you are meant to be at a Resettlement briefing just in case someone else spots you, or if you do make sure it is a long, long way away.
  3. Decide to rebel against 12/16/18/22 years conditioning by growing your hair in a ponytail and wearing tie-died clothes with sandals.

    Particularly if you're going for an RO post.
  4. You could retrain as a Bearded Lady at a circus? This may depend on the size of your moobs!
  5. Construction Health & Safety. Five weeks of the most dire drivel in my life with the intention of becoming that boring fart wandering around a construction site asking hard working folk why they aren't wearing hard hat/harness/steel toecaps. Such was my misery at the prospect of being 'billy no mates' that I did the honourable thing ... turned my back on H&S and fcuked off to Kosovo to clear bombs and sh!t.

    If you do a course outside the wire do not allow yourself to be fobbed off with service accommodation. My unit wanted me to stay in HMS Drake mess (course was at Plymouth C of FE) and I checked myself into a hotel and got a letter from the course director claiming that military accommodation, particularly a transit mess, would not be conducive to good study. And that way got my full allowance!

    I grew a goatee and I looked like an old hippy. It was removed after a few weeks along with the hair which was starting to take on a mullet like appearance.
  6. I take it that you were unsuccessful?


  7. Not me, thankfully. I don't have the hair for a ponytail anymore - in any case I wouldn't ever wear one as I have no sexual interest in small children.

    No, it was an LE of my acquaintance going for the job despite all advice given him on his appearance. Quite fascinating to observe - from a safe distance.
  8. Don't do 'trendy' courses. I did my MCSE in 99-2000 and was lucky enough to get an excellent job just a month after my run out date (the rest of the time I was reaquaiting myself with all forms of exotic alcohol) which has now led me to dizzying heights (I get vertigo!).
    About a year and a half after I left the market was flooded with paper pass MCSE qualified bods which made gettign a job quite hard as almost everyone switched to employing people with real world IT experience, and drove down wages too.
    Oh, and don't do a resettlement course in Basildon. It's a chav infested sh**hole.