Resettlement, what can I claim??

Hey there,
I was hoping someone might be able to give me a heads up as my resettlement clerk and HR guys are a bit vague on the details. I am about to start one of my resettlement courses (which ELCAS have generously chipped in towards), I'm staying at my chicks flat in London and having to commute in to the centre on a daily basis. What am I entitled to claim for and does any of it need receipts? :?:

Cheers for looking and maybe even answering... :D
If you've got a non-availability chit from London District HQ (your unit should have done this for you), then you can claim for staying with your chick. You're also allowed to claim the daily costs of travelling (tube and bus fares).

Point the clerks at JSP 534: it tells them exactly what you can and cannot claim.

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