Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by sirbobbymoore1966, Apr 29, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone enlighten me as to why I have to pay out of my own pocket to get myself back to the UK to carry out Resettlement??
    Surely I have been "ordered" to serve in BFG by my Posting Order so therefore should get my expenses paid for this?
  2. I am pretty sure that the army should be paying for this. You should be able to claim it back or if you have not gone yet ask your pay office for an advance and they should give you one. But you are quite right the army pays for all your travel and hotel costs. Hope this helps.
  3. Have done that....first port of call was the RAO of course. The MOD will pay for my travel from UK port of entry.....bloody handy that is!!
    If I manage to wangle a course in the UK at the same time then I can do it that way but I really don't feel I should have to do this.
    Looking forward to getting out of this crap!!
  4. I'm presuming you're coming to the end of your 22. Your travel and accom should be paid for to the course. How else do people do CP courses in South Africa and diving courses in Thailand? Resettlement is an ENTITLEMENT not a privilige. Suggest you have a chat with you IERO who can be found at the local AEC or the RRC in Herford, they will square you away with the ammo to throw at your RA Office. Have you spoken to the RAOWO, who is usually the Unit Resettlement Officer, or did you speak to one of the erks on the other side of the counter?
  5. Unless there has been a change to regulations Sir Bobby's RAO is correct, entitlement to travel for resettlement only exists within the UK - crazy but true - until now the way round this for courses in Thialand/SA is the fact that the entitlement to subsistence managed to cover flights as well as the course and feeding!! A bit of creative accounting on the part of the course providers but it worked. - How this works under the new, JPA, regulations I don't know!!
  6. Aah Maj Boothroyd just wait till its your turn! lol
    The whole thing is just shi ite....I have to get myself to Ingerland at my own expense then the MOD will pay for the rest of the journey, mad I feel.
    Still who am I to complain I'm reaching the end of my 22 yrs colour service the MOD really doesn't give a flying one about me....maybe I need to re enlist as a private soldier as boy are they cared for these days.
    I remember as a private dreaming of being an SNCO as they pushed past me in the meal I am one I have to wait behind the privates.....bloody typical!! lol
    CGS wish to comment on resettlement as I've heard he does view this site??
  7. I am afraid you cannot claim for any return trips to the UK for the purpose of resettlement.

    However ... there is a “grey” area in as much as it is a duty to see your Consultant. The mob should pay for up to 3 trips to see them. (Depends on who is reading the regs for you entitlement but...

    If they happen to be in the UK and you happen to see them on the day prior to your unplanned resettlement course, well any good (and ain’t they all ) RAOWO should let your claim include a period of self development (I think its called).

    So that might be the way to go - Trip back to the UK on duty to include a period of resettlement.

    Hope this helps and have a chat with the RAOWO.
  8. Sir Bobby,

    It is my turn, in January I will be known as Maj (retd) Boothroyd.
  9. Err's mister actually! lol
    Pte (Retd) B Moore
  10. Aah, the good old "pay your travel from Port of Entry" - an utter, steaming pile of toss rule that is there to annoy everyone! I had it explained to me that it was something to do with fuel coupons in BFG therefore you were not entitled to MMA until you got the the UK.