Has anyone out there completed, or attended, the Premier Training International resettlement course "Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy" course they run in Wiltshire.

I am after some feedback as I am considering doing the course. Did you find it worthwhile? Was it a good course and how were you treated? Whats the study load like? Basically I am after some inside info from guys who have done it.

It is a lot of money for the course - over 4K - and I am also interested to know if anyone had drama's getting the money back at the end from the system. 8)
I qualified with them as a PT (and am now applying for the army).

You get 4 good qualifications all recognised with the course, and are well taught about exercise.

However, service is rubbish. For 4K I would expect proper books, its a number of ringbinder manuals. Also you get screwed money wise where you're training, I qualified in cambs and must have spent an extra 500 on food.

Also if you fail a section and have to go back to take it - have fun with that. Im still waiting to be called back about resitting 1 massage exam (anatomy and physiology- names of ligaments and muscles). Ive been waiting a month.

The "level 3" does not fit into NQF or UCAS systems, its simply level 3 accoridng to the REPs.

If you work as a Gym Instructor rather than a PT afterwards (expect to) you'll be on crap money. Gyms screw PTs too - often over £85 a week rent (thats what I pay), and some operate a percentage scale so the better you do, the more they take.

Saying that in my first month I took home a grand, which for starting up a new business is pretty good. Would have been 1600 but the gym didnt pay me the money they owe me for Part-time hours (yet!).

Some guys who did degrees on my course said it was harder than uni (what isnt?).

Saying that, the actual trainers are passionate and really get you buzzing about fitness. Our Trainer Mike Power was fantastic, he really loves his job and Fitness and this comes across.

Basically if you want after-care, service, and quality stuff for your money - find something else. If you are happy with getting on with it and putting up with the occasional less-than-adequate service, to get to the good bits at the end (up to 100K a year as a Self-Employed Personal Trainer in london for example, along with opportunities to work on cruise ships where you can make a right mint and maybe even showcase yourself to celebs and get in there as a 500,000 p/a celeb trainer/shagger etc etc.)then go for it.

The course did what it said it would, got me trained, and i enjoyed it all. Just right at the end we all felt a bit let down.

If Phys is your thing go for it, but being a PT is hard-graft, you have to do everything as a self-employed one, budgetting, accounting, training, planning.

Saying all that I did a civi course, generally run exactly the same except apparently the military ones tend to be full of paras who challenge the trainers on the bleep test all the time. :)
Sounds like a good course, but I would say that being a gym freak (sometimes). However, 4k sounds like a lot of money for the course. But if thats what you want then go for it.

Try and get on a med course at Keogh Bks, they'll teach you anatomy and physiology to a good standard.

All the best tho. Keep us informed.

Thanks Guys for the insight and definetly food for thought. I was wondering if anyone out there has done the course that they run for Military personel at their HQ in Wiltshire. Any takers??
I qualified with Premier Training International last year and am still out of work nearly a year later.
I am in my mid thirties but most of the gyms are looking for 20-30 year olds. My only real option is to go self employed however with no real industry experience to draw clients from i have had to resort to looking for factory and farm jobs.
It's all just about making money with premier, you pay over £3000 pounds to get a couple of paper certificates.
All we did was sit down in a classroom for six weeks and go over pointless and boring health and safety proceedure. If we were lucky we would get half an hour in the gym to be shown how to do a dumbell curl by some egotistical moron for a tutor.
At the end of the diploma i only came out with one instructor qualification - kettlebell. The problem with this is that most of the gyms don't instruct kettlebell classes so it's hard to apply for jobs. My friend has recently qualified with training rooms and came out with circuits, pads & spin, this worked great for him because he got a job immediately plus the training rooms course was cheaper so he saved more cash than me!

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