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Any educators on the forum who can help direct me with some process questions?

Looking for guidance as to how I can sign up as a provider of training either for resettlement purposes or ongoing training.

Hitting lots of brick walls - seems to be very much a closed shop, but am hoping an arrser knows different?

Thanks in anticipation.


For Resettlement, if you look at magazines such as "Quest" you will see that some have CTP "approved training providers" status and some have not.

Anyone can offer resettlement training courses to Service Leavers as far as I know and many then apply for approved status.

Best person to talk to is your local Regional Training and Employment Manager at the Regional Resettlement Centre.

Locations on web site
As rightly said by Codger, anyone can really provide training, the 'approved providers' bit means that if it all goes pear shaped then CTP can short out getting your money back etc...

Another thing that helps is being registered with ELCAS, but I believe that there are several hoops to jump through first.

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