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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Pieeater, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. Is there anybody out there that can let me know if there is such a thing as a timeline prior to finishing my 22. I am into my last 18 months and I want to know if there are certain things that need to be done at specific times i.e pension commutation etc.
    I'm sure someone out there in ARRSE land can give me the low down.
    Cheers Fellas
  2. As always the first port of call should be your IERO. Phone him and book an appointment.
  3. Yes, there is a timeline and you're at least six months behind the curve.

    As Devex has said, get in touch with the education centre as soon as possible. They've got to brief you on what you're entitled to and how you get it (if they don't ok what you want to do, you can't do it as resettlement).

    The other thing to do, if you're serving outside the UK, is apply for your last 6 months to be in the UK, preferably at a TA unit. If you don't, you'll be stuck abroad until you start terminal leave and then you've got to pay to get yourself and the family back.
  4. You are way behind the curve...

    Decide which courses you want to do, sort out the paperwork and apply for them now. Those 18 months will leak away so very quickly!

    Decide where you are going to live and sort out that side of life.

  5. work your way backwards from your end date:

    take your last day then take off your terminal leave, then take off any leave you have left, then if youve done 22 years take off 7 weeks, what youre left with is the amount of time you have left in the army in which to sort out your admin, IERO interview, CTW, Housing brief, pension brief, pre-release medical, release medical, dekit, clearance chit etc... youll be suprised how little time you have left in uniform.

    Remember, you have 7 weeks GRT but all of the running around sorting it out for this is done in work time.
  6. can anybody tell me if deffered ressetlement still allows you to do any course you want or is it limmited
  7. All deferred resettlement means (and Filbert or Devex will correct me if I'm wrong) is that your discharge date gets delayed by 4 weeks, in other words the time you would have had for doing your resettlement in. It's tough if you can't do the course you want in those 4 weeks.

    If you mean doing a resettlement course after you've left, that's usually only on the say-so of a medical board but it's best to check with the education centre because they seem to have a way of getting round restrictions like that.
  8. cheers, was med discharged earlier this year, didnt get chance to do any ressetlment and its not the easiest thing trying toget things sorted when your a civi
  9. deferred resettlement can also mean that you leave the army but still have access to the funds for a specified time afterwards (but obviously you dont get the time off work like you would while still serving if you have a job unless your boss is nice and gives it to you)
  10. Dont forget to fit all that resettlement into £534 :) Hey you've done 22 years and earned it ;)
  11. Indeed, get the ball rolling. I only served 7 years and got out straight after a tour and had to cram everything in to a small timescale, it was a nightmare. Saying that the IERO at Allanbrooke barracks was spot on and made it all work for me. Good bloke.
  12. Serac

    You need to go and see your local IERO asap