Resettlement ripping off ex-squaddies

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Filbert Fox, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. I had my resettlement course (which I paid just under a grand for) cancelled 2 days before it was due to start, I asked for my money back, 'yep no probs youll have in within 6 weeks', 5 months later still no cash and Im out. I ring to find where the cash is and I get told:

    1st time: It was posted and was returned as address didnt exist
    2nd time: It was posted but must be lost, we will cancel it and send again
    3rd time: we dont have your address

    Then I took it higher and was told it was never sent dispite having my correct address, it will be in the post soon (still havent got it yet).

    Anyone else had probs trying to get your money back from these clowns?
  2. What clowns are you talking about?
  3. msr

    msr LE


    Have you sought legal advice?

  4. Jesus Fox, with the greatest respect for you as a MOD....

    Get in your car and go camping in their reception area until they write you a cheque there and then!

    They'll take the pizz as much as you let them! To be fair, the majority of resettlement providers will treat you like a cash cow so get on the phone/get in the car/stamp your feet in their inbox!

  5. Im talking about the CTP and I cant camp out in their reception area as I am now living the dream and touring with my boyband abroad. (well i live abroad)
  6. How can the CTP owe you money? They are the ones who coordinate the training aren't they? Or have I got my wires crossed?
  7. they are also the ones you make your cheque out to
  8. Well that makes your life a little easier. They are contracted to the MoD and that gives you a way in. I suggest you write to their MD/CE and copy it in to the Director of Resettlement for the MOD. In fact, fcuk it and swop them around. Write to the Director and copy the MD in. I can bet you your last pound you get a reply with cheque within the fortnight.
  9. 2 weeks since they said they were going to post the cheque (again) still no cheque! Tosspots!
  10. Fox, you're killing me here! Is there no one who can visit them? Have you written to the Director of Resettlement like I suggested?
  11. I am composing the letter as we speak. Mucho thanks for the idea.
  12. Yes I agree they make the whole process so hard it is untrue ! I ended up getting a job through a week long course I done wile in Caterrick and did not even want to do the course but paid it off now :D