Resettlement Price Rises - Unjustified

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lasagne33, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. Hi all

    I am told that b this was the best way to publisise the fact that the Career Transition Partnership (the company who provide resettlement to HM Forces) plan to increase their prices by up to 155%. The courses worst hit are the ones that people will use to help them work on their own houses (e.g. plastering £72 to £184). With house prices at an all time high some have to buy 'make and mend' houses so they will be the worst hit.

    When I did a course at Aldershot recently the staff told me the reason they were being raised was because "The company aren't making enough money". Is this another PFI initiative where we will get ripped off.

    If anyone has any other ideas how to publisise this please respond.

    Thanks in Advance

  2. Do you have a written statement, or a company press release to this effect?

    And stop spamming the forum
  3. Wow, you have 22 posts and they are all the same.

    Not the best way to introduce yourself to the site.
  4. Regardless of the multiple posts, if this can be backed up with more than "I heard it from a guy on a course" then it's a valid issue for anyone serving.

    How about letting the MODs tidy the forums, and don't jump on the guy too hard for spreading what may be an important message in a foolish way.
  5. To be fair to him he's only posted it 19 times. 8O
  6. Thats a serious chuckle i just had!
  7. I bet him 20p that he couldn't get the same topic to cover the entire front page..looks like he just couldn't do it..looser
  8. No, I don't have a company statement but if you go to

    then you will see the increases for yourself. As fort spamming didn't know I was being a knob as I am a bit of a techno biff - sorry if you can tidy it up a bit like the guy below suggests that please do so.

    Once again sorry

  9. Fairplay mate a tenner to the arrse fund or a public flogging should do as penance :lol:
  10. you dont need to be a techno biff to realise that puting the subject on just one thread would be fine, rather than every single forum going, including sports etc

    You have just lost the whole point of the message you are trying to tell, and alienated half of the readers.

  11. The phrase techno- biff refers to someone who doesn't even understand your last message (thick I know but we can't all be technotastic) - a benevolent man would have just accepted the apology.

    As for the loss of the message if I have lost it by my computer incompetence and people focus on that, more than the important message I was trying to pass, then it was never going to make an impact anyway.
  12. oh you made an impact. But you cannot be so stupid as to realise that writing the same message 19 times would nark people slightly....can you?
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Well to be fair if your IT skills are that bad you'd be better off spending your resettlement money on improving those rather than plastering anyway. :?
  14. You can say anything you like, but once you piss off the audience they'll never listen. Ask Blair and Brown.